Innamind Recordings // Blacklist

#683 here you go mate


Perfect, thanks so much mate :slight_smile:


no problem my g


Any chance of a reup its been deleted


This is not the good topic but guys by chance do you still have got the freebie Capleton - Dash Fire (Kromestar Warn Dem Dub) please ?


here ya go


Yesssss thank you so much bro! :smiley:


no problem, i played this tune in every set for a while, no mastering so you have to crank up the gain but it goes off nicely on a system. Really fun tune to mix



nice :salute:, figured this would on the no sample clearance white label tip




Bengal Sound forthcoming on Innamind is definitely gonna be a killer.




Screen shot taken from Headlands insta story. Looks like Ago’s forthcoming EP is called Above EP och includes a track entitled Blur (all tracks listed are made by him and other artists)


oh shitt… Dragon Love is finally getting a release? I just checked right now and it’s off soundcloud as well (if all those tracks will be on the EP)


Wednesday 16th


anyone know who done that 21 Savage No Heart refix @25 mins ?

:fire: :fire: :fire:




slept on this, sold out at redeye luckily still at unearthed…