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Hi, I’m DatRandomGuyTho, or just refer to me as DRGT. I love Dubstep, and a few of my favorite artists include Megalodon, Badklaat, Sh?m, Joker, and Benga.:slight_smile:


Hi DRG.The forum appreciates all kinds of weird & wonderful taste.


It rhymed and you seemed cheery in a way that is unusual on this forum. You shouldn’t take that as an offense, I simply wish to promote your person to meme status.

Best regards,

Hussein from Spain.


My name is jorge and I enjoy making music.
Check it out and let me know what you guys think.

Download the free EP



London based record label, Strictly Flava…launching this month.

Glad to be a part of the forum!


Need to listen to this. Track selection is on point.


woah this is 18 months old
big up. still quite happy with it :slight_smile:


Based jrkhnds


weren’t u born in a system tho?



Hi all. Been lurking on these forums for some time but decided to give my shoutout. My name is Jeff. Im a working artist with a family out of Upstate NY. I work in corporate art and theater prop and costume design. Working on a little show called Starwars right now: making storm troopers for disney theme parks.

I remember buying a cassette tape many years ago at a dollar store called Bass Music. I remember playing it on my fathers sound system and cranking the bass up like an idiot. I got reintroduced to electronically created music when I was Iraq in 04. After being busy with life, in 2011 I heard Skrillex (dont judge!) and was curious to the sound. Digging deeper, I discovered Dank and Dirty Dubz and heard a Joe Nice / MC Twisty from I think from around 04. I tracked him down to a Reconstrvct show in Brooklyn and the rest was history. Kahn/Neek VIVEK Truth Eshone Ishan Sound are my tops to name a few. I listen to Roots and other genres as well but have found the bass music is part of my soul at this point.

Glad to be a part of this staple community.


Cache here. Professional lurker, amateur producer and occasional clown.

Got a little crew down here in HoustonTX (US) producing Bass music. Manly Step, Trap and Future Beats under the Electro and Bass elements, usually between 140 and 165BPM.

Digging on the Never Say Die sound on Mondays and while stuck in traffic, and most stuff that Dub Rebellion can throw my way. I really like artists that stretch or ignore genre lines, which I know is a hot button for a lot of you hedz out there, but why lay a bunch of purist doctrine out during my intro knowing you’ll see thru it eventually anyway.

Was a hardcore Junglist from the late 90s, with some Garage and 2Step here and there as Drum & Bass became more organized, landing in the Darker Tech Step and Dub side of Drum & Bass as my core styles from 2000-2006.

Our crew still pops out the occasional Drum & Bass tune, mainly for nostalgia, but (with the exception of a Nuskool Jump-Up track) running more modern Bass music synths and organic FX and Atmos.

I’m pretty open minded when it comes to what I mix, following along with GTA’s #DTG compass, with the primary rule that the tracks either keep it creepy, or creep it fleeky.

I’ve bounced in and out of here many times over the last couple of years, as my crew’s tracks closed in on being closer to market ready, to sample other amateur producers and make sure I wasn’t going to completely embarrass myself by posting too early. (which would’ve definitely happened otherwise)

I think we’re evolved enough in our productions to hopefully strike accord among some of you fine peeples in regards to the thankless obsession of trying to push the limits of the common, with the lofty hopes that one day I can say I made an dent in the movement in some way.

ups my jigs, and weirdemup,
cache (Chris Cashman)

oh, and i see that posting up yo sh!t here isn’t gonna put me in the doghouse, but like to follow the rules when possible, so please go check out my sound if you get a minute. (posted under the appropriate category)


Hi there! I’m Jo, audio sofware developer and musician, based in France.
Happy to be here!


Hey guys!

Thought I’d come here to introduce myself! My names Will, I’m 21 years old and located in Wisconsin, USA. I actually used to lurk on the old website in highschool a lot. But anyways I started listening to dubstep when I was 14 as a freshman in highschool and immediately loved it. Then the whole brostep thing happened and I got sucked up in it until the last like two years I decided I wanted to settle back into the OG stepper vibes. My buddy and I started producing it and found some artists to put tunes out for. We call ourself Stance Audio! I just felt the need to try to come back to this community and feel connected with people who deeply love the same music as me! Peace to all cheers!


nice one, welcome (back) to the site will




Hi im kyle produce under the name mono. Just got back into producing after afew years out. Just uploaded my first track in 5 years.
Thats my soundcloud if any ones intrested not really one for forums but if im going to get worth while criticism then i need to. Cheers.


Hi I’m Paree Katti. I produce Dubstep/ Electro House music.

PS: I’m new to this forum and i don’t know how to create a thread. Help is very much appreciated


how exaclty do i make a post?


There should be an option that says “new topic” at the top of the home page, the rest is pretty self explanatory.

Oh and welcome new guys :grin:


Hi all we are Nu Venture Records a DnB, Dubstep an EDM Record label. Out latest release is a mixture of Dubstep, DnB and Future Garage:

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