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Hey guys,

Just another dude here doing the music production thing.

Check out my production style here:

Comments and suggestions always welcome!


a very strong sound Grigory
you certainly have the skills
it’s a bit glassy for my taste…
like it’s polished to the extent that allows no interpretation or involvement
which excludes those wtf was that moments.
have a listen to some early ds/breakstep,
when the composition was rawer & had a confronting but intimate quality,
or Mala.

btw for noobs:


Still didn’t find it. if its not a problem, can you screenshot it?


didn’t have the effort to draw an arrow on paint, so basically just where the above where i stuck the my documents window


@Paree_Katti new accounts have to make a certain number of posts before having the ability to make new threads, so if you don’t see that button, that’s probably the reason why. :onethumb:


Oh, thanks for the info.


Hi, I’m Jakub.
I’m leader of Dub-project Illegal State Of Mind.
Check my soundcloud:
And Youtube:

I hope You enjoy.


Haven’t actually introduced myself yet sooo:

Big up, I’m Milo.

Reaching out from Brightonnnn, repping the south coast.
at University of Sussex doing Media & Cultural Studies, and work in social media and marketing although also make some money out of building speakers and my own hand built sound system.

Also involved in a lot of nights in Brighton, usually DJing or setting up. Do everything I can to help push the scene forward here. Also run my own night, Inna Sound…although just starting up so not much to show yet…but lots of plans in the pipelines with lots of big sound systems ready to get involved so hold tight :slight_smile:

Also part of festival arts installation company Urban Shaman and do decor for a load of festis including Gottwood, Boomtown, Secret Garden Party, Noisily etc…

Handyman with speakers and turntables so if anyone’s got any faulty decks or woofers give me a shout

That’s about it really… Holla if anyone’s in Brighton and link up!



We are Strictly Flava, a record label based in London, Uk.

Having been DJs on most of Londons pirate radio station since around 2000, we began putting out music and putting on events in about 2005.

After a very long break we are back putting music out and are on the look out for new artists to promote.

We aim to cover all styles of underground music.

Here’s a taste of what we do;


^nice Milo, you sound busy.


haha I try to be!


Oi !!

Dj & rave organiser (Catch My Bass), I’m a bass specialist influenced mainly by UK culture.

I had the chance to collaborate with the mc AK (Lord of the Mics 2014 - Scumfam) from Sheffield, Milks from Sheffield too, Vader (Invasion Alert) from Birmingham, Nutcracka, Birmingham too.
Lately, I’ve just linkup with K2 from London.
I’m working on ongoing collaborations in Bristol, London, Manchester and Nottingham.

I’m always looking for new collaboration, so MC & PRODUCERS, linup with me @, I reply quickly !




Hi everyone! My name is Maxim. DJ alias - F117. I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine. Introducing two crews: First one is “Dubmerged” - one of the biggest group about true dubstep and bass music in russian social network “Vkontakte”.
The second one is “Woo!” - ukrainian promogroup that makes dubstep events. We made parties with such artists: Phaeleh, Riskotheque, Kryptic Minds (Leon Switch), Reamz and we didn’t want to stop!
Here’s some links and introducing mixes:


^ g’day f117
nice to hear some good things going on there with your crew

the reference below is no reflection on your work
just had to archive it somewhere


Hello everyone! I’m Geralt, I live in Iceland. I love electronic music in general, but especially happy hardcore, trance and dubstep. I also have fun producing music. I was looking for a good dubstep community, seems to have found it. Greetings!


Hi, im Gabe from Chile. I producer Dubstep, Hybrid Trap and Bass House/Complextro under the Yumiyacchi alias.
Other stuff like Mainstream Hardcore, Hardstyle and 170+ (HHC, UKHC) i produce them under Akatsuki.
And i produce Future Bass and Synthwave under Transistor


hi i’m here cuz I’m bored


My names rod and i like to party


whats up im yoshi :] nice to meet everyone here!