Introduce Yourself!


Yoshi , like from super Mario bros ?


yep! i grew up loving those games.



This is the official ‘Encrypted Audio’ DSF handle.

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cool I used to always play ssb on the gamecube good times


Aye whats boppin b, I’m Akimbo Bazookas and I have a bazooka in each of my hands.
I also like bass.
Thank you.


Please send pics of you holding two bazookas. With timestamp.


Well… You see… I would but uhhhh, I don’t have a tripod?
Yeah, no tripod, can’t take a picture with two bazookas in my hands and no tripod, I also own no tables or objects with surfaces to place a camera on.
Oh i also don’t own a camera.


Hi DSF Community,

I’m Exa … I’ve been listening dubstep since 7 years now … and i love all kind of bass-music (But f*** i dream to meet Mala).
I tried to produce bass music stuff by my own to understand how real producers do, and what are their skills. I also learned Saxophone, so i have music theory knoweldge.

Happy to be here ! Oh and wait … i’m french



I got into dubstep a while ago, and am getting interested in it again


Go to IKEA and ask for mala


I’m Alen, from Croatia, don’t have money to go to Outlook this year probably, love music production and mixing, been lurking on old DJF a lot, mostly production topics lol. I’ve been learning production for more than a year now, and still have to finish older tunes because I’m not 100% happy with them. What more to say? Oh, I eat a lot of steaks because my parents give a lot of food to me because of uni I had to move to a different town.

And BTW, I don’t dream about Mala. But once I dreamed that I got really nice monitors lol :joy:








@mods: put all those guys above straight into SNH
all potential lizards imo

except kidshuffle


Hi, I wanted to post some of my old tracks for feedback, but I can’t seem to start a post, does that require time? thanks!


Yeah, there’s a minimum number of posts you have to make first I think. Forget how many. Stick around and make some dookposts for the fun of it.



Cool, I can do that, I used to be good at trolling people before I gave up on life haha


Hello I am Austin, I like edm and video games. Going to college for 3D but also want to learn to make dubstep. Going to browse for lots of beginner tips.


Greetings Earthlings, :adios:

My name is IllumiNate and this is one of my first posts here.

Right now I lack a setup, but this is what I am looking at:
~A laptop with 8GB RAM size & DDR4 RAM type
~FL Producer Edition
~Native Instruments Komplete 11 Select
~Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Closed-back Studio Monitoring Headphones

Can the community offer me any guidance on what is really required for a dubstep production setup *initially*?

Thank you for everything! :hooray: