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‘new’ imo


The rate is around 15 a day… probably mostly returning members. Because we still have really obscure methods of the registration (old accounts or FB/Goog).


Hey all, I’m Jack, I don’t have an artist name yet, so you can call me jack! I’m new to DSF and fairly new to dubstep production. I have been writing and producing music for the past 3-4 years now. Before I began producing, I had a good knowledge of music and theory due too 15 years of classical piano lessons. I also taught myself guitar and started a band, yada yada, but couldn’t get into the whole band mentality and ended up producing music on my spare time while my band procrastinated. For most my life I’ve wanted nothing more than music, but it took me a good while to narrow down my dreams, goals, and aspirations. But I’ve reached that point none the less. So here I am, for the first time in my life really really kicking my butt and forcing myself to learn and improve and put the hours in. I’ve produced mostly electro house and random poppy alternative stuff my brain would spit out, but I’m now gearing towards dubstep, trap, and harder EDM.

Nice to meet you all! I’m glad to be a part of DSF, it seems like a great community!


Hi. I’ve been making Dubstep for one and a half years. I love sunny days, walks on the beach, and bouncy booties.


New to the forum! Eager to learn what I can and apply it to my own music which I have just taken a dive into recently. So right now I’m trying to learn everything I can and taking it step by step and grow in the industry.
My plans are to just make music because I love it. If it turns into something more and grows popular then HELL YEA. If not, I’ll still be making music :slight_smile:
Main focus is to learn the ins and outs of the studio software and the “science” behind the music as well as the lingo.

Anyway, hope to get to know you ladies and gents well and grow as an artist because of it!


i am not an animal i am a human being


Man like JFO :wink:


Hello! New here and just posted my first topic on long lost dub plates. Hoping that you lovely lot can shed some light on some legendary lost tracks


Hi everyone! Toxonik here. I’ve been producing for about 4 years now and love bass music of all kinds! If you’d like to see what I’m about my links are below.

I also just started up a ghost production project, feel free to check that out as well!

Have a great day everyone! :smiley:


Hello, I am a bass music producer from Colorado. All of my music can be downloaded for FREE at

If anyone wants info on sounds I will be more than happy to provide knowledge as well as samples and presets. I am also generally interested in honest feedback.

I look forward to interacting with this community.


Hi there, hope you enjoy your stay.

Is it just me or are most tracks on your SC clipping as hell?


I do push the limit quite often and have realized that I probably need to tone it down a bit. I have only mixed for myself and listen on my own systems. What are the artifacts of clipping that you notice?

Oh and thanks for listening :smiley:


Hi everyone! Im back, stoked to see this place busy again!

Im KidLogic for those who dont know me, I produce Footwork/Juke/160bpm type stuff as well as Dubstep and other 130-140bpm stuff again lately.

I have a ton of freebies on my soundcloud account at and a ton of dubstep mixes in the archives over at (or on their soundcloud and mixcloud pages).

Recently I have been co-hosting a new audiovisual show on Chew at with Lurky, LoFiGecko and Bondo Fiero on the visuals and usually weekly guests. We go live most saturday afternoons from Portland, OR and shows are archived on our page there for you to check out. We’ve really been into the 130 jungle techno breakbeat bass axis lately…

Hit me up, say hi, ask me for tunes, send some my way for the show and mixes and follow me in all the places ( …/kidlogic on almost everything)


Why don’t u just ease up on your levels while writing the track. Also If u can get it sounding good without a limiter on the master your mastered mix will usually sound way better becuase you won’t have to put so much shit on the master.
Using compression properly on each track that needs it often eliminates the need for heavy limiting on the master.
Master compression (not heavy compression) can sound fantastic in a gluey way and help bring it together. Idk don’t just “master” ur shit digitally cos you can.

If u do set ur limiter threshold below 0db to prevent clipping if u do fuck up. Come to production and ask


Thanks a lot for your advice. Admittedly, mastering is my weak point. I have come from the seamlessr school, just crushing everything as the song is written with heavy compression / limiting on the master. I have been doing a lot of research over the last few days and realized that some of my music may have been way too influenced by the loudness war.


Where am i and what is this place?


Hey there everybody my names PEACHEZ and I’m just trying to learn new stuff and get my name out there so please check me out on soundcloud! I promise you won’t be disappointed haha!


thats awesome man ill be sure to tune next air! and yo check out my latest song see if you’d like to use it in your mix in anyway


Nice wubs m8, check my soundcloud plz okno but yes DO IT!


Hi, I’m Endless Quest. Used a bunch of different aliases on here and been posting on and off for a few years. Thought I’d rear my ugly head again once more.

Check out my soundcloud bruh: