Introduce Yourself!


Yo man. Cool song. The O’ders Rule song. I didnt listen to the others. Im far from a music and production expert, but that songs sounds too airy. Needs more punch. NEEDS MORE BASS. Sounds like a song I’d listen to. The bass just sounds weak. Like a prototype. A prototype of something awesome.



big ups everyone, i’m foxtrot and i live in oz. i use to post a bit on the old forum, enjoying reading the new one.


Hey everyone, I’m Nathan (AKA OZBOY) here to make music and friends!
I primarily make Dubstep/Drumstep/Brostep and Glitch Hop.
I am very excited to become part of the community!


Hey guys, my names Zack. I’ve been a listener of DubStep and all the other electro genres for a while now and Ive always noticed how difficult it is to find new people. Sometimes ill spend hours trying to find someone who hasn’t hit fame yet and ill come up with one or two. I’m somewhat disappointed in this so I’m creating a YouTube channel today in hopes to promote new or unappreciated producers. Although i will still happily post videos of a well known producer my main priority will be to help get the new guys out there. Anyway, if you are trying to get your name out there let me know and ill be happy to start promoting/posting your music.

P.S.- Sorry for the long paragraph


Can you help me get my name out pls?



Hey, I’m NeonCloud.
I’m a long time dubstep fan and occasional lurker of dubstepforum.
Just looking for a place to chat music and production.


You’ve come to the right place


Hey guys,

I am Akronym. Produce/DJ from Los Angeles. Love that filthy bass. Lookin to get my name out and find some new producers.


Hi folks,

DJ Paul Katz from Rheinhessen/Germany. I started with lots of vinyl in the mid 90ies at a time when Techno and Trance were fine. :slight_smile:

My current mix series ‘Paul in Dub’ focusses on Dubstep, Psydub and Psychedelic Dub. You can find my sets on mixcloud:


wagwan geezers. and geezettes, is that a thing? fuck knows. Anyways im Sarb.
Big fan of everything about sound system. I like tunes that are built to be played on rigs. Been learning to produce for a couple of years. Still got a long way to go, but the dream is to hear my tunes on heavyweight sound systems.

my first sound system experience was Aba Shanti-I. Never looked back since. Got into dubstep later than others, about 5 years ago infact, but I managed to avoid the whole brostep thing. Kept it sub heavy since day, just how I like it.

Check out my soundcloud I try to write what I enjoy, mostly dubstep, hip hop, dub+roots. A few flavours of whatever else im feeling too

Looking forward to learning, sharing and all the good riddims that come along the way.


Hey everyone. My name is Mark and I’ve been producing electronic music for about 4 years. I used to be a member on the old forum years ago but I decided to re-join. Here’s a link to my soundcloud if you want to hear some of my music


welcome mate. checked out your soundcloud; your Undeniable remix is better than the original (bar the vocals; I think you could generally spend some time working on your skills utilising vocals). keep it up.


big up mate! thanks for the advice, I dont often get to work with vocals so im lacking on skills in that area. will get to work on it!


17 years, angelfish enthusiast.
I try pretty hard at bass music so
Just here to learn as much as possible
And make connections in the industry
If you want to talk/collab/fonesecks


Hey guys, I go by the name of stanky j, I also beatbox! I want to make funny and filthy sounding dubstep. I hope to learn a lot soon. Glad to meet you guys, I am based in south London by the way


Hi all,

My name is Grigory Khmyl and I’m relatively new to dubstep but really starting to get into it. I’m hoping to meet some likeminded people on here and bounce ideas around on whats cool. Feel free to comment on my stuff and contact me!

You can check out my stuff here:


Hi everybody!

I’m MNSLTR (Manslaughter) from France. I’ve been producing dubstep for about 2 years. I’m here to make friends and learn new stuff :smile:

You can listen my music here:


Hello friends!

My name is Jake, but I go by SOURCE.CODE. I’m new to the forums, but not to music production.

You can find my music here :wink: