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hey guys, my names Legna, i decided to try electronic music three years ago and i found the dubstep genre was according with my taste, so i’ve been trying to compose some dubstep songs since that, i want to learn and know people that like edm, collaborate and share thoughts and ideas, and so on.

best, peace



I’m vorou. It doesn’t mean anything. Just like if I started to write my last name and gave up at the middle.

All Spotify dubstep playlists I found are 99% Skrillex, so I came here to find some music which kinda like you know, like not Skrillex.


shameless self promotion


should’ve posted a mix m8


like this, see?

01 armour – iron man – tectonic
02 pinch & moving ninja – false flag – tectonic
03 kryptic minds – one of us – swamp 81
04 cyrus – space cadet – tectonic
05 phrex – drumworks – relationreset
06 joe – level crossing – hessle
07 2562 – kameleon – tectonic
08 untold – anaconda – hessle
09 martyn – vancouver – 3024
10 zomby – rumours & revolutions – brainmath
11 ikonika – please – hyperdub
12 zomby – the lie – ramp
13 ld – woodblock – hyperdub
14 joker – 80s – kapsize
15 commodo – fuck mountain – hotline
16 las – preach – boxclever
17 las – malfunktions – system
18 facta – 36th chamber – soundman chronicles
19 mark pritchard – heavy as stone – deep medi


all the mixes on my soundcloud are very shit



Body is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive


also cause he was on about spotify tbf


Thx guys, that’s exactly the stuff I’m looking for.


I’m aaron. i produce(d) as misk. i’m very disappointed that i’ve lost my 5k+ post count due to migrating here. internet points are important. My wife worked for a year at amonly. does that make me cool by proxy?

not sure what I hate more. air quotes or speaking the acronym “EDM”.

A bit about myself… got into dubstep back in '06 (so oldschool for us yanks), been designing sound for movie trailers, and generally playing with max/msp. i like bass. i have a monome. Um… i just moved to Buenos Aires from er… Brooklyn with a short stint in the hell of Orange County, CA

sound design gets me off. I solder things. I make my own patch cables. there’s a reason “engineer” is in the audio engineer title. tradition bitch, respect.

sarcasm in all future posts is implied.

also, big up benga. shit takes courage.


William bingle


What a shit name


What does the j stand for?






Hello, I am new here. My name is Simon Aussel, I’m a dj and i produce music as Simo Cell. I signed my first ep on Livity Sound (Dnuos Ytivil) this summer and i have other new stuffs coming soon :

I have been making music for 8 years now, and i’m particulary into Uk Techno, Detroit Techno, Electro, House, Ambiant, Dub, Dubstep…

Very happy to join the community. Just want to improve my production skills and share tracks i like. Maybe i can share some of my production tips too :slight_smile:


big up, cellar door and ninja walk are bangers :gunfinger:

we’ve talked about some of your stuff in this thread…


Ok cool :slight_smile:
Thanks man. Ninja Walk will be out soon


nice tracks man


Hello, my names Elias! I mostly produce dubstep/electro kind of stuff, but I also like to try to produce a variety of other stuff when I get the chance. I joined the forums with the hope of Improving my production skills as well as meeting like minded people.

Here’s a link to my soundcloud If you’re interested:

Anyways I hope to see you around the forums! :smile: