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That sounds like a cool gig. Do you play double bass?


Hi, my name is Harry, I’ve been staring at DAW software on my computer for about two years now, learning to play the keyboard as I go which has helped (really want a Fender Rhodes one day but I’d have to wait till I could justify owning one.). As far as genre’s are concerned I like a wide array of stuff, when it comes to 140 the Chord Marauders crew are right down my street. I haven’t really settled on a particular genre when it comes to making stuff, sometimes hip hop and occasionally garage, but usually 130BPM sort of stuff. I’ll link one of my latest tunes, any feedback would be appreciated.
Other than music listening / production my interests are riding BMX and sometimes Mountain Bikes. I’m currently studying at University and living with my girlfriend but that about wraps it up.


@Simon_Aussel @Harry_Griffiths
sick tunes geezers !!




What up I’m Nick aka dBurkz. I produce electronic music falling under the dubstep,trap and dnb genres.
Music is what brought us all here, why dont we help eachother out along the way? Link me your chunes and id love to link you mine!


Hi we are Intense Records, we run a real record shop in Chelmsford, Essex, UK.
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Sick sample packs alert!

Hi im Esco, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, House & Hip Hop producer, new to the forum thought id say hi, my music is here

Check out the latest Klaxons dubstep remix on there!


I’m CarniKat
I dropped this album on Halloween.

I like staring into space and remembering all of the times I’ve failed in life, eating obscene amounts of tortillas and guac, and doing so many drugs I forget to breathe.


Like from State Farm? What are you wearing?


Im Cody and for about two years Ive produced mostly Hip Hop and Im just now starting to get into electronic music and making stuff that isn’t sample based.Im a fan of Burial,Zomby,old Drum and Bass and UK Garage.Here is the Soundcloud page Ill be posting under for this site:
Nice to meet everyone.


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yo! welcome to the forum

fyi you can change your name if you’d like :smile:


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heh, cheeky

yeah - How to change your username


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Hi. I never formally introduced myself. I’m Soul Of Seun. I do not actually believe in the concept of the soul. This is mainly because I’m black and can’t dance and am embarrassed by the whole thing. .Also I don’t believe in Jesus. They keep saying he loves me and a whole manner of other good things, so maybe I should give him a chance. I’m not sure how I’m going to tell him I’m not gay but I don’t see why we can’t be friends. I like bass heavy music, fat white girls with big butts, and collecting stamps. Only two things in the previous sentence are true. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had been born a raisin. Thanks guys, you are all wonderful. Hail Satan.


Hi! I’m Luks and I’m from Finland. I have been making music since late 2012. I’m probably making more like trap and future bass stuff these days, but I would love to make some dubstep again! I’m using both Ableton Live and FL. I’d like to get more producer friends since I only have just few of them, so feel free to talk to me on skype: lukska.user


do you have a soundcloud link?


Greetings all,
as you would guess i’m RE5ONANCE, as my SC profile says "I make Drums, Basses, Dubs and Steps.
I do so for myself mostly, as vain as it sounds, but it is still great if other people like my tracks too"
so if you wanna check my tracks go here:
if not then, well, don’t but it’s up to you.
send me a message if you wanna chat about tunes or anything really.

See you round