Introduce Yourself!


Hi I’m Sozib from Bangladesh. 24 years old. A great fan of Skrillex. Learning dubstep.


I feel like this should become a meme.


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Tripwire here you guys jumping back on DSF loving this new look.


Databoi here guys, my favorite is Destroid & Knife Party.


Hi, I’m Nathan :slight_smile:


Hi all I couldn’t find an intro thread on the new forum so I thought i’d make one I spent many hrs scouring the old forums for info without opening an account so I just thought i’d chime in on the new forum and say thanks for all the info over the years & The Authors of the Dstep production bible a must read for all newcomers imo.


Hi, I’m (currently) ZerpS. I’m one of those new guys who doesn’t even have a name let alone his own sound. I’m producing tracks as a side hobby. I love heavy and dark electronic music. Trying to be social and learn from others as up until now I’ve quietly just twiddled around on my own.

Hope to meet some chill people!


Hey, I’m JSNTHGMR! Glad to be here! :smiley:


Hello. I‘m from Amsterdam. Been reading the old forum. Recently started producing again and wanted to open an account. Good to be here.


Hello, My name is Fable, im new to the forum, and i like to produce Dubstep mainly, but also Edm in general, here is my soundcloud:


Hey, Dirty Panties here, hailing from Paris, France! First time poster but long time lurker…




You’re from Paris too? Fukken’ nice if that’s the case! I actually ended up subscribing to the forum because I had absolutely no one around me into bass music.


yeah man i dont give a fukk about bitches lol but i love hitting up bass music nights and getting pussi lol


Haha, ok. Just hitting bass music nights usually do the trick for me. Well, nice to see I’m not the only Parisianer up in this bitch. Wonder if we are in full force here or if it’s just the two of us…?


not sure, all the parisianers in this bitch throw em up!


Not sure if want. Dem parisianers be bitchy sometimes.

Grime is getting all the hype in Paris lately, innit? First, Stormzy, then Wiley in may. Not that I complain, but…


But what?


But soon enough, as usual in Paris, grime danse will become the new “place to be seen” and will be crowded by fashion victims coming to see “that guy who did some stuff with Drake, right?” and because “I’m going to grime parties 'cause I’m kind of a bad boy, you see…”.

But as I said, I’m not in a “muh underground music” mood: if it brings us Wiley, Stormzy and other big shots, that’s cool with me.

edit: Commodo said something that translates partially what I think in his interview on Thump. That was something along the lines of: “everything that becomes hype must then faces a period where it becomes uncool”. I’d rather have 5 cool grime danses per year in Paris with a passionate crowd, than 20 big danses with a shitload of people during one year then nada because the trend has shifted.

Ho well, didn’t mean to rant…