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Quite literally the baddest quintet of the '60’s.


Duno how I missed this or that you’ve never brought it up in person haha.

Well came across this.

" Lanquidity [that’s Gelassenheit in the jazz vernacular]"

> "Gelassenheit

Often translated as “releasement,” Heidegger’s concept of Gelassenheit has been explained as “the spirit of disponibilité before What-Is which permits us simply to let things be in whatever may be their uncertainty and their mystery.He borrowed the term from the Christian mystical tradition, proximately from Meister Eckhart.”

Also Gelassenheit in German = Serenity in English

It could all be a bunch of random coincides tho


Bunch of cool articles on RMBA atm

Pharoah Sanders: The Son’s Inheritance

Universal Consciousness: The Spiritual Awakening of Alice Coltrane



I’m going to see Pharoah Sanders in a couple weeks.



Very cool!


why did i assume he was no longer alive…


I don’t blame you, he’s is old! I’m actually leaving my friends’ birthday party early as this might be the last chance for me to see him.


He played a big RBMA show with marshal allen and kasami washington like a couple months ago.

According to songkick hes playing like 4 days in a row in melbourne but only once in london, dick.

pretty early, it starts at 7 lol


What starts at 7? I’m a little bit confused.


The gig, from what I saw trying to see if he was playing anyother day


I’m doing the second house, which is 10-10.30 If we must talk about this on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah this medium is far more practical than my house, in person :bluethumb:


Anyone know the first track from this?


Fucking hell Jazz + Rinse compressor is not a good combination.


Thanks for this! How have I not discovered these guys yet?!!?

Mint stuff.


I dug out some Sun Ra last week as I was packing for a move:


Gonna be loads of good shit released this year. In the meantime:


jazz selection i recorded today

The Raymond Scott Quintette - Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals
Charles Mingus - Moanin’
The Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Odwalla
Cannonball Adderley - Love For Sale
Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet - Sakura Waltz
Miles Davis - All Blues
Yusef Lateef - Three Faces Of Balal
Idris Muhammad - Camby Bolongo
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Desert Nights
Dave Brubeck Quartet - Far More Blue
Moondog - Lament I, "Bird’s Lament"
Alice Coltrane - Ptah, The El Daoud
Herbie Hancock - Vein Melter
Archie Shepp - My Angel
John Coltrane - Psalm
Errol Garner - Misty


^ Gonna give that a listen man

Edit: May as well put the full album up, it’s great