Jazz Music



the sound on this, even thru laptop speakers, is wonderful


a brilliant exposition of jazz guitar innovations by Mark Whitfield:



this album was recorded by inmates of a drug rehabilitation centre incl Joe.
he went on to become a valued contributor to tv variety shows & ensembles
and often played with Herb Ellis (who played with Charlie Bird regularly).


Cool, the more you know


Thought I’d post a cover I did of Butterfly by Herbie Hancock :slight_smile:



I just listened to that again last week. Such a good record.

And the crazy tape edits that Teo Macero was doing…



this is more just latin psyche or something but sooooo goohoohood

I dont know where my mind is. sorry mods


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Looking for some track ID’s if anyone knows them :slight_smile:



and finally

53:00… personal fav, would love to find out the ID on this so I can hopefully find more from the artist


solid steel shows have tracklists on the website


yeah but this mix is from 2016 and it only goes back to the start of 2017 on the website


@Harry_Griffiths ignore the russian smackhead and click the link, it will open on the tracklist for the mix you posted :badteeth:


hahaha I did actually look as well which makes it even worse :smashedlol:


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