Jook (grime)


All over this, big up!


Very very gutted I might have to miss this. I’m very busy around the time it goes up :cry: :sob:


FUCK Most likely won’t be able to get this, moving house today, and there’s no internet in the new one…


well, too expensive to ship over here i guess, big ups tho love both of them


big ups everyone for the response!! Ive got 5 copies to sort people out with so if have any left after sorting my boys out ill let you guys in here know!


considering making the first record I’m copping in like 4 years


Lol wtf, was f5ing a few minutes before 8 and as soon as it came available it said it was gone. The site must be fucked I refuse to accept I was late. Big ups if I was thats some mad demand.


Big up non-payers. Got one.


i like his music because he posts on the forum i post on


just got one after waiting the 10 mins for non payments :smile:


hang tight all of you that copped. was not expecting them to go that fast! feelin very blessed on a sunday.


You post here though, and nobody likes your music :wink:


any of these left?


haha nah they were gone in under 10mins (and that was only cos of non-payers)


i meant those 5 remaining copies :slightly_smiling:
pretty gutted about missing out on this tbh


got 2 cos im a badman. £200 quid if anyone wants. (its actually for @badger so im not selling it.)


unfortunately not :frowning:

didnt even get to sort my mate out a copy, just got the 1 for myself!

will let you guys know any repress plans


brb, funkysouls :badteeth:


made an alias for club stuff, if any of you lot are into that sorta shit give it a check!

bless up


That bangs. I think I like this more than Jook you know, haha.