Jook (grime)


:gun: :gun: :gun: :gun:


darkness, large up bruv


safe all u guys means alot!

I aint gonna be proper tight with my clubby stuff so if u want a copy pm me :slight_smile:




ahhh big up jook was wondering who did this


@Jook u gonna ask for some p? :badteeth:


did anyone catch that booty hunting bit? messaged him back then but didnt get back at me lmao no wonder tho cuz I must ve been fucking him off with all my requests during the past year or so lol


He got back to me after a while with a link on here. Probably just missed it.


hes also pretty horrendous at internet based contact, or very good at ignoring everything haha


when does the tokyo drift repress land mate

@jook be sure to let us know first lol


by score5 July 6, 2016

Full press coming on 12" in September.


Not bad, there are a few sounds that sound slightly out of place to me like the bubble.splash sounds, but all in all this was very enjoyable to listen too.


available now



man that is such a banga still



big ups anyone who copped x


Already sold out ? F**k


yh went pretty fast lol


ffs, not again :confused:

@jook are there going to be any more, or this was all the copies?


Haha what a third repress :joy: Tune is flying out!


There will be more on the usual sites
source: reloadz twitter