Jook (grime)


bout 150 left going to record shops :slight_smile:


When is everyone who got the dubplate version gunna get the zip file?


just compiling it, may take me a while cos im trying to find old tunes and that.



jook jook

j j


plot thickens


you had this tune ‘insomnia’ or something on soundcloud but u took it off what’s up with that it was peng



more copies up on Redeye and White peach if anyone missed


Hopefully they still have stock when I get bread


lmao u think?


No, just hope lol


Just gotta say big up @Jook for Tokyo Drift, that is a big big tune. Very happy to be able to blast it on wax at home :slight_smile:

Hope you got some more fire like that in the pipeline!

Keep up the good work.


Big ups man on Juice being in the Fabriclive.90 tracklist :slight_smile:


@lazyalf @DatRandomGuyTho_aka

respect guys :smiley:


:eyes: :eyes:


Nice one. Also copped Tokyo Drift a while back, bigups for the tunes.


Juice is on Fabriclive 90, all the tunes are available individually on iTunes

check it, so many ridiculous tunes on dere!


huge, so many good tunes that i’ve wanted

big ups


Are the tunes cuts from fabliclive mix or their own thing from begin to end? I remember fabriclive only does the ‘mix cuts’.


on the fabriclive cd they’re all mixed, apparently you can buy the individual tracks on itunes tho


I can confirm this 100% i Bought it full from itunes and all tunes are full lentgh.


You sure? The intros and breakdowns on all of mine sound rubbish.