Jook (grime)


I see the iTunes tracks are definitely longer in length than what are available in other places, so they do appear to be single unmixed tracks which is dope.

Anyone know where to get higher quality than iTunes though?


Bleep - 320s, WAVs, Flacs


holy cow
topper top kahn neek rmx is not so special anymore lol
so many tunes that I will have cut to vinyl


Ah yes, trusty Bleep! Thank you kamrynski


Any chance this will see a vinyl release? Heavy af mate!




Can confirm to everyone 100% that every single track on there is full length.

Also anyone worrying about quality, 256kbps AAC is pretty much sonically equivalent to 320kbps MP3. Only problem is they are both lossy formats so you can’t convert them to mp3, you’ll be transcoding.

CDJ 2000’s can play AAC though so you’re alright.

big ups for all the kind words guys, if any of you are mildly clever you will have already worked out i got more stuff coming hopefully before the year is up/very latest january.


Just copped the wavs off bleep. You get the full length tracks and the mix. Peak that u don’t get them on the cd but wotevs, seriously considering cutting some dubs now lol


Yeah this lol, couple tunes on there that I want on wax


Might be able to get away with 4 on 1 x 12" for 60 quid at transition - max 9 mins per side without compromising quality


could go dubstudio and save a tenner

even then £50 for a dub that’ll only be used at my yard is a bit much. But I’ll see anyway, couple digis that I’ve wanted on wax for a while as well


i reccomend the vinyl dubplates from dub studio if you’re wanting to use them a lot, acetates sound a bit better (not that noticable imo) but really don’t wear as well. The vinyl ones still sound great and wear much better.

Im pretty sure i remember 10bag mentioned getting these done too.

Edit: a bit cheaper too iirc


Are the transition dubplates acetates only then? Must admit I’d prefer vinyl but transition is only up the road from me.


yeah i think theyre only acetate. if im getting an absolute belter of a dubplate i’ll get em at transition as they’re best, but for everyday use and playing a lot, the dub studio vinyl one is better imo.


You usually cop 2 tracks a side?


Interested in the whole 2 tracks a side thing as well. Assume the tunes on the outer edge deteriorate first? What’s queing like on the 2nd (inner) track?

Or is it just not worth it full stop, just stick to one per side?

Most I’ve seen always have one per side, you can tell… loads of space left. Must be a reason not to be economical?



A couple recent plates have two tunes on a side and still play 45. They seem alright, a bit quieter than a single side if anything. Not sure how it would apply to dubs though


I think if you go over a certain time per side you have to compromise on the overall volume, so as long as the total time of the 2 tracks you choose for one side is less than 9 or 10 mins then there is no compromise afaik

sorry for the slight thread diversion lol