Jungle Warfare 2 Production Competition

And the winner, with a monumental 1% lead, is Old Shock aka The Sleepwalker.

The entries were as follows:
001 Zion 12 (@mks) Soundboy Test 77
002 Old Shock (The Sleepwaker) - Sound Killer
003 @butter_man - Final Jungle
004 @Paralytik - Pony Soup
005 @cyclopian - Jungle Comp 2
006 @finji - JSP2

  • JW001
  • JW002
  • JW003
  • JW004
  • JW005
  • JW006

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So how’s it going with the sample pack?

@Phigure where we at dude?

my vox samples are so weak, trying to find some good ones lol. i’ll have it by tomorrow night


just do a youtube rip of this imo


thanks dude i want to die now

kinda disappointed you didnt go for the eiffel 65 cover instead

Did figure lose yet?

Ok everyone - the link is now in the OP.
Competition is live. Have at it motherfuckers!!!

Deadline is in 2 hours guys



jungle warfare express

might get on this

I need to get a new ide cuz mine kept crashing last time.
Ill make something if I’m not too lazy lol

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Will contribute something to the best of my time availability. Working full time is :-1: for creativity

Got my amen chopped and reassembled and sounding gnarly. Bass next. Then crippling self doubt leading into existential crisis. After that ill probably do the synths.


I guess any kind of fx and shit is allowed ye? As long as no extra samples or synths? Started chopping shit now.


Only use the samples provided with any plugin in your arsenal.
So if you want to paulstretch an amen snare and put 100% reverb on it, and then resample the reverb tail to use as a synth in a sampler that’s ok. Or you might pitch down a vocal sample and chop a piece out and distort it to fuck to make a gabba kickdrum… also ok

But no using standalone synths etc to create new sounds, or drum machines to make new beats, yagetme?

Aye, gotcha.

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Trudging along here, chopped some more breaks today.

We have had a submission!
Im stuck on mine already :roll_eyes: