Kahn appreciation


Abattoir VIP remix???
at around the 8:40 mark


Two of my favs.


bruv im more interested at that swish remix/vip at 27:00




this x 100

talk about a fucking weapon


Kahn played that when i saw him in december i think, mental


every time this thread resurfaces I ask the same questions
w h e n will we get these


He still plays memory loss VIP? More deleted scenes stuff is imminent… right?




  1. O$VMV$M – Thin Joe [NoCorner]
  2. Jabu & SKRS – BwoyTestVIP [NoCorner]
  3. ManonMars – Nuke The Threat [Unreleased]
  4. Gantz – Shaitan [Unreleased]
  5. Kahn – Polar ft. Rider Shafique (Gantz remix) [Unreleased]
  6. Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Charlie P – Rules Of The Dance (JD remix) [Scotch Bonnet]
  7. Lamont & Boofy – Walkin’ Round ere [Unreleased]
  8. Gantz – Temple Meads [Unreleased]
  9. Ishan Sound & Rider Shafique – Highest VIP [Unreleased]
  10. Boofy – LVX93 [Unreleased]
  11. Pinch & Kahn – Send Out [Tectonic]
  12. Jamakabi – Hot It Up (Kahn & Neek remix) [Bandulu]
  13. Jook – Juice [Sector 7 Sounds]
  14. TMSV – Shallow Breath [unreleased]
  15. O.B.F – Ram Dance [Unreleased]
  16. The Bug – Fuckaz feat. Spaceape [Ninja Tune]
  17. Youngstar – Bongo (Kahn & Neek remix) [White Peach]
  18. Kahn & Neek – Acting The Goat [Unreleased]
  19. Gemmy – The Set Up [Unreleased]
  20. Hi5Ghost – Scorpion’s Mask [Unreleased]
  21. Young H – We A Talk feat. Dread MC & Rider Shafique (Ishan Sound remix) [Unreleased]
  22. Lemzly Dale – No Long Talk (Kahn & Neek remix) [Sector 7 Sounds]
  23. Commodo – S Is For Snakes
  24. Kahn & Neek – Damascus [Bandulu]
  25. Jabu – Hungry Ghosts feat. chester giles [Unreleased]
  26. VMOS & Boofy – Dial Tone [NoCorner]
  27. Sir Spyro – Topper Top feat. Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chann & Killa P (Kahn & Neek remix) [DEEP MEDi MUSIK]
  28. Kode9 & The Spaceape – Ghost Town [Hyperdub]

You can order it here…feels so weird for me to order a CD in 2016 lol



Tracklist looks yummy!


been waiting on Acting The Goat, buzzin :upside_down:


Sick, hope they do a 4x12" like the Logan sama mix. Doubt it though


It’s just a cd afaik :corncry: but It’ll be in the usual fabric live mix format tho anyway so it’s not like a compilation of full length tracks


Can you imagine the hype if it was tho


No chance imo. Fabrics gone, they’ll wanna use the money in more productive ways than pressing up some vinyl.


Yeah I highly doubt they will. Would have been cool though


You’ll be able to get the unmixed tracks of iTunes. They normally do them separate, and the continuous mix.


Anybody know where I can order the CD outside of the U.K.?


Swish remix ya say??


whitepeach just put it up for preorder so i imagine the other usual outlets will get it prob