Kahn appreciation


kromey remix


I’ll listen tomorrow for sure


will there be a 320 though anywhere?


If each track has its own file, you can basically cut your favourite track on vinyl


out to @Jook on being featured in the mix btw, been making some serious moves over the last year


This is false.


It isn’t I’ve brought a few on iTunes all came with unmixed tracks.

Read this.



I don’t know tbh. I hope so


Tokyo Drift got some mad rewinds on the Bandulu boat party >>>>

Out to @Jook


think it was just one pullup innit? :badteeth:

Shotta (Kahn & Neek remix) got about 4 IIRC though, the novelty wears off pretty quick


hang tight @Cyclopian @Muncey

Humbled :blush:


anyone got the faintest idea what this tune is? https://www.instagram.com/p/BIfQV6-jAhP/?taken-by=kahnbristol it’s ridiculous!


Anyone knows how legit this is?Just bought Full Gantz - Temple Meads.I was thinking its an CD Mix only,But you can buy every single tune on ITunes.


just received the CD and it’s all mixed on there…not even any id3 tags or anything, not on CDDB, all songs just come up as Track 01, Track 02, etc :weary:

edit: Like a nerd I updated the cddb with fabriclive 90 with all the correct names so hopefully anyone else who imports this CD will get the track names now.

Also the times for each track differ from what is shown in itunes store (they’re shorter) so maybe you can buy the entire individual tracks on itunes?


Yeah,you can just buy for 0,99 any tune from it on itunes.


i really hope the unreleased bits from gantz and commodo will see a release on wax somehow tho

s is for snakes :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger: :gunfinger:


I’m just getting the feeling that Kahn is running out of ideas and pretty quickly, he guy is an amazing DJ who I have had the pleasure to see play out live several times, and of course an amazing producer, he’s dynamic and versatile and not afraid to stick to just 140 or even conventional 140 but that’s pretty much his normal tempo, I can’t think of anything he’s put out as an individual release (so single, EP or whatever) that was unique or anything but his grime dubstep crossovers were big boy and pretty much all his tunes are straight up dancefloor smashers but again it’s nothing unique or groundbreaking… he’s carrying the flag for the scene as one of the most accomplished and talented DJs etc but he’s contributing to the stagnation of the genre indirectly. I’d like to here some/some more Kahn dnb tbh


That’s very bad tbh in a not good way. Never rated Gantz tbh now rate him less.


Maybe I just need to listen to more of Kahn’s grime stuff and the whole Bandulu man dem and Neek etc idk but as far as 140 no deadouts


what do you mean he’s not unique? of course his tunes sound alike but there’s nothing wrong with that. but still, his sound is unique IMO cuz no one can’t bait his style