Kahn appreciation


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJAN2fqibt4 Really thankful for Kahn & Neek for putting this out tho.My favourite from the complitation


I mean what I mean and what I said He’s not unique in the sense that none of his 140 output has been particularly ground-breaking or stood out from the crowd, it’s essentially just standard dungeon done a bit differently and done very well.


Jesus I didn’t think anything could top your political views but you did it.

Imagine claiming Kahns stuff is essentially standard dungeon :joy::joy::joy:


He didn’t reinvent the wheel, but I’d hardly call him a one-trick pony.


Polar is a personal fav.

Still wish this came out:


I await your response for or against. It’s blatantly stylistically just the same as many other dungeon artists, how is that not obvious?


I did actually say he was very versatile his 140 output is his own style no doubt but ultimately it’s standard dungeon probably why he branched out.


What exactly are these standard dungeon tunes exactly? Also a lot of the tunes jrk posted came out 2011-2013, so around the time dungeon was still a big thing js


Pretty much any tune from most deep artists f that era.


I meant kahn specifically


May as well be claiming blue notez and lean forward are basically standard dungeon cause they’re 140 and bassy.

Out of like 50 odd tunes Kahn has piled up over the years I can think of a handful that could be described as dungeon. Way Mi Defend, Badman City and maybe the original Dread.

Next you’ll be claiming Commodo is just standard tear out :roll_eyes:


not to mention all the grime tunes and the gorgon sound stuff…




To me it just feels like he threw one of his crunchy snares on it. + Rider


Probably did, works tho.





don’t bother with the awful bbc iplayer radio shit…get darker have upped to mixcloud…

go forth and rip


ooo is this the first of this sound since mala? think it’s best to listen on iplayer till it’s unavailable. let bbc know ppl care, etc…


whats wrong with iplayer? ppl keep saying its shite