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f a g s lol crazyy it actually believes I’m being homophobic. cool.


ffs even I got that.


idk for some reason it seemed too peak to have to nick from ur m8s for a pack of cigs but i guess here we are lol


MCMLXXXII up for preorders


can anybody ID this one: (1:54:40)
fucking huge:

been rinsing this mix for years


all the antics aside… this album is fucking HENCH! so many percys from countless hours of listening to anti social. stoked!


Is the new album vinyl only? Seems some of the Nebula Music Group stuff is vinyl only, and some gets digital release. Got R2D6 on wax cos I’d been wanting that for years haha.


It seems like the stuff that gets released on vinyl doesn’t get a digital release, and vice versa. But I remember when the first NMG vinyl was released (Monster Dub), Kromestar said that it would eventually get a digital release as well… well, I’m still waiting lol


No word on digital yet but if it’s coming out on CD then it sounds likely.


Amazing, cheers man. CD is always my first choice, given the option.


Album released on CD on Bandcamp. Just noticed this on Monday and bought it, and it arrived today! Free P&P as well. Can’t wait to give it a listen, Kromestar’s albums always work really well as a journey to listen to start to finish.

Also, NMGR001 & 002 now available to buy as digital.


And Lion and Thunder EP to follow :hooray:
and ive’ just got the album through the post as well



heads up, ‘Frequenciy/Frequencies’ is coming out as System test


Fucking hell that tune is absolutely huge. Bigger than the original.

Chef got it cut to dub, if anyone is fortunate enough to see him do an all vinyl set.


Like Thunder getting a release! Genuinely excited for this EP

@danny_scrilla this is so good. big up


Superconductor is a killer tune.


2 of my favourite kromestar tunes