Need pro advice for starting to buy gear to produce dubstep/subgenre


Don’t buy a bunch of shit all at once. Biggest mistake a beginner can make. Can’t tell you how many people I’ve known over the years that have went out to a music shop and got suckered into buying thousands worth of pointless hardware because the sales rep played them for a sales commission. In each and every case, they were clueless with what to do with it, how to hook it up, let alone how to put it to use. Half the things were still in the box months after without exception.

Save the money. You don’t even need to spend 3500 on a MBP really, unless for some reason you want to use Logic right away or something. You’d be better off trying demos of software like Live, FL Studio, Reaper, Reason, Studio One, Bitwig. Try them all for several weeks/months and find the one that makes sense to YOU. To do this all you will need is any modern computer, and audio interface, and some headphones. There’s plenty of top quality professional free plugins. So many in fact that after sorting out which DAW you like one does not ever even need to buy or steal software again to get professional results. The top ones like Live, FL, Logic, Cubase come loaded with some of the most impressive software effects and instruments that exist. Many big name producers rarely even use plugins that come from outside of these programs.

The next most important thing after sorting out a computer & DAW are monitors. Don’t go buying Barefoots or Genelecs for 2k each or whatever either. I mean you’ll need to learn what you’re even listening for first in order to even take advantage of these things. Not to mention the right kind of room. Some everyday nearfield Mackie or Yamaha monitors will be fine, and in all honestly not very many people that have released some of the best dubstep (or music as a whole) of the last 12 years ever had anything more than monitors and software in that range.

You will do much better to buy things as you need them than all at once. Learn one thing inside and out before buying something else. Hardware OR software. Too many people make the mistake of buying too many things and just being overwhelmed and start to get discouraged and just lose interest. Which can happen regardless. You might find out you don’t even like making music. It can be quite a laborious and frustrating thing in itself, let alone with 12 different pieces of equipment you have to learn at once.

Also most hardware loses value like a car. So you won’t be able to recoup losses. Only a handful of vintage and even less modern gear retains its value. As software gets better and better, less people are even interested in buying vintage analogue gear let alone a bunch of modern digital controllers or synths.


No it isnt. There’s gear fetischists even in gardening …
A lot of dudes love to show off these huge fallic speakers eventhough all their wives obsess over house deco.
It’s not an incentive in the slightest.


I don’t want to do just music,I want to put every single second I have to create a new style or something new that will explode the industry of dubstep/edm. I don’t want to be that guy who have 1k followers after 5years of hard work. I won’t buy 20k of gear,there maybe 10k of gear and like ,5-10k of program for eq,samples of sounds,. This is my pay job in a near future I hope,so I need mostly the best to become one of the best. Yes maybe i’m a noob, A new to this but I already seen people produce and I tried some and I enjoy like a fucking 5years kid in the snow. I’m willing to die for this music. I will suceed in lest then 5years and I will give all I have to do so. NOthing can’T stop me. SInce 1years i’m waiting to have the money to achieve my dream,my passion,my life,my me. On this have a good day all and thanks for all those anwse, really apreciate but It dosnt help me much.


the problem with you is, you come here, ask for advice. people give you the advice to not make a dumb move/make what youve planned (in a way more decent matter)
and all you do is giving 0 fucks and expect people to tell you, yes man!!! great plan <333 go for it. i adore your passion etc etc go and spend 20 THOUSAND dollars on all this VERY IMPORTANT HIGH TECH GEAR YOU WILL INEVITABLY NEED for your starting career.

but also maybe you’re just a troll, i don’t know.

i hope you don’t waste all that money, but if you do i hope you look back to this week in a year or so realizing it was stupid. (rather i’d hope for the unprobable case that you will make incredible innovative music that will blow my mind)

i mean, even what youre talking man, you don’t wanna be the guy having 1k followers after hard work. you want music to become your day job. * (lol) sorry but even the ‘big’ guys do not have these expectations (maybe that’s even why they’re the ‘big’ guys)


edit: *without even having started making music :fallen_leaf:


10k on samples

damn thats a lot of vengeance packs


We need a bad life decisions thread.
Respect for the confidence and commitment, but you’re committing to a dying industry
that is barely profitable to maybe 1% of the people that invest at least as much of their
time and energy as you will be able to.

Anyway, definitely get a nice Fabfilter plugin bundle. Try out 2-3 DAWs and buy one
of them. A pair of decent near-field monitors, maybe Genelec, Adam or Neumann and
a good pair of headphones. Then just start dabbling and try to find out what kind of
midi controller you’d like and if you need any 3rd party VSTs and the like.

It is actually not a massive budget either. If you want to build a decent home studio
with actual recording possibilities and some analogue hardware, you’ll find it won’t
cover half.


Dude it’s like you’re not reading a word we are saying.

Let me give you a little perspective.

I have been creating electronic music since I was 15. I’m 26 now. That’s 11 years. I have made ZERO impact in the music industry. Is that surprising? Not really. Why? Because the electronic music world had two things that are bad for anyone trying to break into a business: high supply (of DJs and producers) and low demand (of said producers and DJs).

Now you seem to think you need to “buy the best to be the best.” Well if that were the case I should be Dillon Francis. In fact, I know Dillon Francis. I went to high school with him. I’ve been creating electronic music for LONGER than he has, and I know that for a fact because we worked on collaborations together that never panned out. So why is he famous and I’m not? Well for one he met Diplo. That helps. But also, Diplo liked his style and, in some ways, helped him break out.

But here’s another reason: because making money on music is mostly up to the audience. If you make music that audiences enjoy, there will be resources to sell that music and it may become popular if your friends like it and will tell people about you. Word of mouth is important. But if you’re deciding to start your career in dubstep (lol) then the most likely thing you can hope for is that other dubstep people will like your stuff. But the avenues are drying up.

Your best bet with that money is to find a job or start a business (a service or retail business) and use the income to supply your passion for music. That’s the only way you can reasonably sustain yourself IMO.

Be realistic dude. You’re not gonna be Skrillex 2.0


You would be seriously lucky just to get to be that guy.

So get some perspective or get another idea !


Actually and this is not aimed at you Cheyne, but there is noone that actually is like skrillex is designed to look like irl because he doesnt exist.
He didnt come up with his own sound and he didnt produce it in a bedroom. He’s a guy from a band that got an idea to make electronic music and then had a major labels worth of people willing to work with him, master it and give advice to him that you’d have to pay for generally. They sold that as a product, that a single edm guy could be a boyband and it worked in that moment in time, because people ‘wanted’ the idea that bedroom producers could be huge stars. ONCE!

It’s like riff raff who is also that same exception to a rule - but it means we only get to have one edm guy and one white rapper at any given time. And thats more than enough of that ‘fluff’.


If you need to be able to live off of the income I would suggest 100% seting up a viable business capable of producing a surplus and then using that surplus to fuel your dubstep endeavors. Realistically speaking. But hey, the heart wants what the heart wants I guess.


Personally, I’ve been producing on and off for about a year and a half. All together I spent around 15$ for everything…not including quarterly headphone replacements and a laptop replacement. In 1.5 years I released 1 half decent track and gained probably 1 follower. I also have no job and minimal expenses so I generally have a the time to play around on the computer all day and night. The farthest i expect to get with my music is maybe 1k followers and some gigs at the local night clubs.

In my area, there are people who spent at most 300$ on their setup… Have been producing since they were 10 and now play regularly at clubs and have 5k followers.

The best case scenario I seen is this one artist who started producing in his early 20s(pretty late). And is now signed to boregores label after 6 years of producing…he has 4k followers.

It’s really important to know that people generally get suspicious of people who have studios of equipment and release amateur crap. I’ve seen some local artists get their parents to invest in a whole 10k studio and produce beginner level music…most people can see right through that whole “I’m banking my whole career on this” mentality. It really makes artists look like spoiled brats imo


I guess is two years or more i’ll come back cause it’s already bookmarket and all of you who think I can made it or not will be able to collab with me if they want? ahahahha, it’s actualy a possibilty. Maybe my plan are unreal and can’T be achieved but if no one try,who would? ,so I will try like everyone but i’ll have the gear they don’t. It’s like if you want to win a race but you have a echo, vs a lamborghini, not the best example but still. I will give my best and my heart cause my dream isn’T unreal for me. Of course I will make some mainstream tune for followers and popularity but my main point is being able to play with name like, Jam prd who is my favorite producer and for me he worth more then hardwell or all those mainstream guy.


I read all of you and I give a fuck about all of you said. mostly all of you are saying I should invest and not buy for 20k, well, 20k is the 1/4 of the money we have, i’m living at my parents home with my girl,its 0$/month. we are still going to school for 1years and we are done. I’m still on my assurancy parents.When my school is done I think i’ll go to a private school to learn how to use daw,it’S 1years for 16k. this scool I pay it from myself,since 2 years I work for it. I have a great future and it’s not 20k that will kill me in my future life. I have some plan already and some friend who already play in some club,bar,rave, festival. All of you who whrite me I thank you all.


Book me for some lessons, i’ll drive over to show how to use all your cool shit and I’ll do a mixdown on those mid-field speakers I suggested lol. I have family near Montreal.


Dear god, I lost 20min to write a big chunk of advice for a kid.*

Dude, just do it, dilapidate your girl’s money (just realised it’s not even yours but her own heritage).

Just keep pursuing this venture of yours and good luck. We will all collab with you once you’re the first man
in history to invent a completely new genre by himself.

You don’t seem to understand how things work and you’re incapable of thinking with a step back.
You won’t innovate without being realistic about what’s already been done and how it was made.

Okay going back to my beer, here’s to all of you kids pursuing the dream before reality hits you.

Can’t wait to see your tunes posted here.


@Databoi no worry you are the first one i’ll pay for all the service you will give cause you are the man


who was that other guy on here a couple weeks back who was like he was gonna have a career in music but then disregarded everything people said


probably “made it” already and is playing on tomorrowland or some shit

willpower is all u need!!!


Yeah that’s exactly what he’s doing right now. Reading all of his posts I see no difference with a 8yrs old telling his dad he’s gonna be an Astronaut and change the world some day.

Except our guy wants to buy his space suit before studies even start.


Well…will power and a vision board bro…