Need pro advice for starting to buy gear to produce dubstep/subgenre


More power to you man, if you are confident it’ll help you to get that stuff, go for it. I honestly wish you a lot of luck, and have a lot of respect for your willingness to go for the gold. We here just don’t want to see you splurge and then discover that producing electronic music isn’t the right path, that would be a waste. If you truly want it, I’m sure you’ll accomplish what you dream of. Good luck man, and do be sure to show us what you create.


why are you guys trying to convince him not to, I personally can’t wait to hear what he makes after splurging 20k (courtesy of his girlfriends dead dad) on gear and realizing he doesn’t know how to make music


20k and his first song is 64 bar loop of a vengeance snare and kick with a sine bass in triplet pattern lfo volume mod

The drums will be at 150bpm and the bass will be at140


His first growl is clipping saw wave with pitch mod wheel


@Cheyne_Taylor_Bush That’s what I like to read. @Phigure I can’t wait to show for all of you my work.


I just buy my MacBook Pro and I installed ableton demo and fl studio demo, i was looking for reasons demo but can’t find out :confused: , does some one know if there is a demo available.


Side note: Learn reason last I think, you cant use VSTs with it and its more like a toy you can rewire into ableton later. You need ableton or a DAW that can use rewire to be able to make a finished product with reason anyways so dont sweat it.


Not strictly true. Logistics uses reason 2.0, and say what you will about the music itself, but it’s a pretty finished product.
Also, wasn’t Mala’s early stuff Reason based?


Plenty people produce on reason, but im saying, if you dont even know if you’re naturally talented, put your eggs in the fat vst pile imo.


Yeah, true. Actually. Now that I think about it. Reason is fucked if you don’t know how to use hardware or some kind of software. My cousin gave me a copy of it when I was 11 and wanted to get into production and the wires and cables and shit just made me feel sick and I opened it once and didn’t ever try to make tunes again for about 3 years. Though, tbf, back then I don’t think tutorials were a thing.


I started producing on Rebirth, the precursor game/software to Reason. Was on reason til reason 2 and just migrated over to cubase once I found out about VSTs. Live got hip and I went over cuz I liked the performance aspect of it and thought it was a good idea to just build in there from the get go. My boy from back then got me into the whole vst thing and showed me I think it was some bait 303 remake and it boggled my mind so I switched daws. Kid ended up moving to France cuz he got a job programming for Arturia.


Yup started the same way until i needed to fuck with audio.


dont forget to budget some money for coke, booze and whores


@Databoi Alright i’m focusing on albeton, I kinda like it for now. But I prefer fl studio, way easier for me for now .


May as well go with FL! Especially if you’re just using ableton because other people do. In either case, stick to one, then you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned in other daws.


either or. wha5ever seems more intuitive to u is probably the best choice.


Sooo…how’s it going @Ismael_Badache?


Seem to have missed this great thread :smiley:

OP - ignore the naysayers. If you want to dive into producing and buy a crap ton of gear (and can afford to do so) then fucking go for it.

Marshall Jefferson maxed out his credit card to the tune of $9k in 1986 ($19k by todays standard) after hearing house music for the first time and wanting to make some himself to impress a girl.

His friends took the piss, laughing how he’d bought all this synths and drum machines and didn’t know how to use any of it. So he locked himself away and figured it all out, eventually releasing this as his first tune;

Stone cold house classic, and he’s now considered one of the forefathers of house music.

^^ All applicable in this instance.

(Worst case scenario if it doesn’t work out, everything you buy (possible exception of the software itself) will hold it’s resale value, so you can cash out and make your money back)


Unless you smoke a lot indoors or always have greasy/jizz hands.


That just means you can add a “vintage” tag when selling on eBay/Craigslist and add $100 to the price.