Post your first dubstep experiences here!

Post your first dubstep experiences here!
First dubstep track listened to.
First dubstep rave.
Lets keep this going!

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May as well have them in the same place if anything

So it was December 25th 2011 around 6pm and I received a new pair of headphones. My cousin Gavin asked me “Hey man have you heard Scary Monsters?” I had no clue what he was talking about. I have always been into Rock and Metal and before that time I didn’t spend so much of my time finding new music like I do now. I put on the headphones and Scary Monsters and Nice sprites began. My first thoughts were about how great that main melody was. Duh duh duh du duh doo duh du de de doo duu de duh do do do de do do da de de da doo do dee da du duh. I thought it was going to be a normal song, break out into that progression, add a layer, maybe have an instrumental break, or time change maybe… but then OHHH MYYYY GOSHHHH DUHEgakdsfa;ls awe oas;dlkf It was so weird I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what to think of it I was really taken off guard, I had never heard anything like that before.

I went home that night and started playing MW3 on xbox and for some reason I kept singing that melody in my head. So I tried to remember what it was called, something about scary monsters or something. So I found it and started listening to the Dirtyphonics remix and it was amazingggg. I showed my dad it and he mostly took it as a joke and didn’t really take to it. But I loved it. From then on I stayed up every night listening to dubstep and playing MW3 with my friends. I would look up “Dubstep” but I found myself always finding songs I really just didn’t enjoy. But every once and a while I would find one and everyone said Skrillex in front of the name. I thought maybe skrillex was a label or something because every song I found was amazing. I slowly figured out who he was haha and started listening to only his music. It took me about a year to start listening to other artists. I don’t know what it was about Skrillex but I just loved and understood his music. That summer I would stay up till 3am every night just playing video games, drinking monster, and rocking out to dubstep. I later got into Zomboy, Kill the noise, Flux Pavilion, and a few other guys here and there.

The first mix I have ever listened to was “12th Planet Back To back Skrillex at Ultra 2012” I bet I have listened to that mix about 40-50 times no exaggerating. I go to many concerts now and still its hard for me to find a DJ who can do transitions like that and move the energy like he does. He doesn’t just pick good songs, he picks good energy and good places to put that energy.

I used to do gaming videos on youtube so I was kinda active in the community and my friend Hutch posted a video that had a song called Exogenesis by Rogue and it was awesome. It was posted on Monster Cat so I started listening to all the music they posted and I started getting better and finding new music.

Some stuff happened in the Youtube community and I was trying to get over a breakup (Its another long story) and I wanted to just leave and get away from everything. My dad and I have been going to concerts together since I was I think 3 years old so I asked him if he wanted to go to an Electronic Music concert with me. He had been listening to Krewella at the time and I love the sound design that Rain Man put into the songs. So we traveled to Milwaukee, Muskegon on March 1st (I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan so that was about 6 or so hours away) and we saw our first EDM show. It was so awesome, two djs opened and then pegboard nerds opened. I had only listened to pegboard nerds once before because their song Disconnected was released on Monster Cat and it was one of the few songs I really loved. What was so funny about that show is I didn’t actually know who Pegboard nerds where, I just had heard their music but didn’t know their names.

After that I knew that I wanted to start making music so I got a copy of FL and started working and slowly made my way to Ableton where I am currently. I am still listening to new music everyday because currently I am DJing and I am always try to find something new and cool but I still listen to the same 2012 skrillex music everyday xD haha

Great idea for a thread man I think this is a cool way to get some stories flowing. I also think a lot of people get into EDM a certain way and just think that everyone else go into EDM the same way, this will be a good way for people to get some new perspectives :smiley: (Sorry for the novel of a response) xD

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I’ve always listened to Metal and Rock music, but EDM was never really that interesting for me, mostly as I didn’t know much about it. One day I discovered a Metal/Dubstep project (involving Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence), which was actually not that good, but got me interested in Dubstep. One of the first Dubstep tracks I listened to was Fathom by Datsik.

As soon as I had found his and Excision’s music I got hooked by the heavy side of Dubstep.
Now I listen to almost any kind of EDM, but Dubstep is still by far my favorite!

I found a Video With Excision & Space Laces - Bounce in it, then I got hooked to Excision. Then I got deeper into artist discovery. Now I’m the founder of one of the largest dubstep sources on the web.

It was not THE first but definitely one of the first experiences:


First time I tried to go to fwd I got stranded on the overground at west hampstead and I tried to ask a lady who was standing on the opposite platform if the overground trains were still running and I got as far as “Excuse me, madam…” before she barked back “Oh fuck off”.
She was quite dusty as well, so it came as even more of a shock to me.

I left the station 20 mins later to try and night bus back home and she’s just outside, by the bus stop i needed to use and heading in my direction. So I just turned around and ran in the opposite direction.



not really into most of the music discussed here but i love the enthusiasm big up


Cookie Monsta - GInger pubes. Me and my buddies listened to that for hours on repeat in my parents basement when were like 13 haha. good fuckin times.

omg you’re so young.

edit wtf you’re 17/18 or so?! when did time start to move so fast?

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I just turned 18 in July tbf

At first I knew nothing about dubstep, 5 years ago I heard the first song of this genre (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites). In 2013 I liked the idea of creating my own music, but it was difficult at first spent a year … so I decided to upload my first song dubstep. From that moment I knew that electronic music was my life. And I have not stopped since then :slight_smile:

Scary monsters and nice sprites was also the first song I heard of dubstep jijijiji

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I was young when I found out about dubstep, my older brother introduced me to it around 2001/2002 or something iirc, but I was into liquid dnb hospital records more during that time.

lol im reading this like its a parody


hahaha it pretty much could be man xD But seriously its the truth xD

Absolute first was Low Deep’s “Str8 Flush” instrumental off DJ Rupture’s blog in 2005. I hated the chipmunks and shrugged it off. then there’s the Jah Mek The World pirate radio excerpts on the panel on the left. I remember listening to these while taking out the trash. There was an MC called Younger Student and everything just clicked melodically in that moment. Can’t remember the instrumental but I think I never heard it again. Too bad the comments and mp3’s are lost in time, would be immense to hear it again. This Vex’d set really sealed the deal for me. Especially Skream’s “Traitor”. I remember playing SSX On Tour while I heard it for the first time.

shit i am so emotional right now :corntard:

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hate to break it to you, but that’s a banger.