Production competition ideas thread


I’ve always wanted to do a 24hr comp but figured it would be very difficult to get people to join in. A lot of people don’t see the post until later. Only way I could see to do it is make a post announcing the comp, say it starts on the 15th ends 16th. Upload the pack on the 15th.

Other problem with this is time zone differences. 24hrs from comp start is going to be different for everybody


@cyclopian you know the sponsored one we did (by a sample house) was really cool. People won either a professional pack or the grand prize winner got the whole catalog iirc.

An end of year comp would be dope too. Maybe even a Bandcamp release or sth.

@Tolsof you could do a distributed pack release according to time zone but that sounds like a hassle tbh. Wonder how else we could enforce short deadline. :thinking:


How about a comp where you make a track using the audio from a section of a movie or TV show?
Say, a 5 minute clip with talking, ambient effects and incidental noises. Someone could extract the audio and then we use that 5 min clip to pull out our own sounds and construct a tune from that…

I don’t know something like this maybe? There’s a lot of nice bits in this…


Here’s the audio from the piano death I mentioned in a post up there ^^



When was the last time we had one of these btw? :hmm:

We had Hunnit, we had the anything-goes one most recently… even Moop sorta qualifies.


I mean, c’mon - with this many ninjas on the wagon and/or broken up atm plus the weather all shit for everybody except nuSD5 - this should be a stellar time for comps lol. Been dipping into Reaper again, feels good.

Who won the last regular (pack-only/last winner does next pack) one anyway? :detective:

(@sleepwalk_1980 - I like that :arrow_up: sample btw.)

Edit: shit I dropped the ball on Wolfram…


Ur right

Could go for a new company tbh. I’m just making trap beats in my spare time and removing braincells. Need a chnge