Production competition ideas thread


I don’t even remember. I think the last one ended up being a tune battle between me and cyclopian


yeah u won the 100bpm i think, @dansci won one recently too :thinking:


sample this trak only imo:


I think it was tolsof who won the sample pack comp last right?


I suppose I could put a pack together but idt I won the last one :badteeth:

Imo we should do something rhythm roulette style where you have to use the sample/s but you can also use your own sounds.

Or we could do that wolf ram thing @_ronzlo was talking about awhile ago


I’m down for whatever. At this point these things are the only way I get motivated for better or würst.


Sounds good. I’ll put something together when I get home from work if I remember


Who else is going to be in on this? How long of a time frame should we do? Personally I hate it when the competition lasts more than 2 weeks because I forget about it


ill join in tag me when its up


Me too


Here we go lol




How about one where the only rule is that it’s in a certain key?

Been fuckin around w B minor, so cool. Can be doomy or ominous…

Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart (1739–1791) regarded B minor as a key expressing a quiet acceptance of fate and very gentle complaint, something commentators find to be in line with Bach’s use of the key in his St John Passion.[1] By the end of the Baroque era, however, conventional academic views of B minor had shifted: Composer-theorist Francesco Galeazzi (1758–1819)[2] opined that B minor was not suitable for music in good taste. Beethoven labelled a B minor melodic idea in one of his sketchbooks as a “black key”.[3] Brahms, Dvořák, Schubert, Liszt, Chopin, Borodin, and Tchaikovsky all wrote significant works in B minor.


But it’s gotta be just intonation if we are gonna do it for real


Here are several ideas:

  1. RECORD COMP! Can only use sound you’ve recorded with a microphone (obviously can mangle all you want)

  2. DOWNTEMPO COMP! pick a low tempo like 50BPM and have to work to that (and be strict with groove, don’t just make a 100BPM track and say “well my DAW says 50BPM”)

  3. ONE SONG SAMPLE COMP! Can only use one song to sample from (make it a good song though like lots of different instruments, long length etc)

  4. SHORT TIME COMP! Make what you want how you want but… you only have 24hours to make it (or however long)

  5. ALTERED PERCEPTION COMP! Ermmm do something to alter your perception (I wonder what) then make a beat

  6. REVERSE COMP! Make a song and you have to submit the song but… reversed. This is interesting as what you make could be massively different to what is submitted, could be fun though.


Xenakis 43 note microtonal scale or gtfo lol


How about a track made using only one sample?

I have a recording of a guy I know who put his phone inside a piano and then smashed the piano up and recorded the sounds. Could yield some some interesting results…


Egoless made a tune only with a sample of a laptop mic feedback


We’ve done one sample comps before. Challenging but fun. I’m down for whatever.


we’ve pretty much all of these before at one point or another haha

I’m gonna get another comp rolling again soon :slight_smile:

One thing I’ve been wondering about is the winners of the comp, there should be slightly more incentive I think.

Was thinking about taking the winning tune(s) from each comp, then putting together a year end compilation or something? Idk, Open to ideas