Production competition ideas thread


Most of my recent songs have been made from mainly field recordings so if someone wants I can give them a bunch for a competition


i have a radio production sample cd with animals which could be used if needed. they are like uber clean


it sounds fun but woul dbe quite hard to transcribe a dubstep classic to MIDI lol


lol let’s do Avicii’s dubstep song…

Or just fuck it, everybody do Gangnam Style or something stupid and make it their own…

…or, a lot of reggae tunes translate easily into 140 (go fig).

Another idea; maybe the sponsored sample contest thing we did back on the old board could merge with this? That was pretty cool - a sample house provides the pack as a teaser or demo, everybody makes a tune, and winner gets a free copy of the whole collection or something.

Win-win: free publicity for up and coming sample houses (cuz ya kno pplz will buy it anyway if it’s good or spoke to them somehow) and everything’s incentivized.


what is midi


Ok, was just digging around in the old forum and HOLY SHIT. Applied Minimalism was fucking amazeballtaculár.

Go see for yrselves.


Think there was a DJ Shadow tune where he built it entirely from a two bar loop?


My fave contest that one.


i back this idea


Can’t post on my phone but I still have the track I made for the applied minimalism 808 kick contest somewhere. Will cheeky post when I get in. Seem to remember all the entries being pure :fire:


Not trying to shameless plug my shit cos i dont even make music like this anymore rly. this was my entry to the applied minimalism contest all those yrs ago. just os people can see what people were achieving when limited severely in what sounds they have at their disposal.

mods can remove this if u want etc etc

This is where the idea came from


Song I’m working on atm is about 50% from one sample. Everything but the cymbals is from sheet metal shaking. Even the kick


Working with limited sounds is probably the best way to get a tune written


Let’s fucking do it!

I know some get put off if they’re working on a Tuna! submission or regular pack comp, so maybe a little schedule shoehorning may be required, but… Yes.

Who won the last one? They get to submit the sample for this if they’re still active.


i feel like it was sais on the old forum
u were talkig about applied minimalism right?




There were 4 in total;





Sais won #2.


Oooooh my memory is not what it used to be lol


After working in a bike shop for a few years I hear lots of bits of metal get dropped on the floor

Sometimes they make interesting nosies, so the other day I dropped a metal tube on the foor, recorded it, pitched it to a C, ran it through a sampler and played some chords through it. It sounded relatively interesting so a possible idea I had for a sample pack comp could be getting a load of people to submit sounds (whatever they find interesting/think could be useful/fun) then pitch them to C and have a competition based around using them through samplers etc


I like it. :metal: