Production competition ideas thread


I posted a beat I made a week or so ago from things around my house. Was pretty cool


Post it here and I’ll post up something too… who knows? Maybe we can actually get this thing rolling! :sunglasses:


Will do when I get home


Here it is.

When I made it I didn’t spend a whole lot of time with the mix so I’m sure it could sound a lot cleaner and such.


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everyone post beats and you record your dick’s reaction to each track


Applied Minimalism with “DEEJAY KHALED”


just leaving this here, come to the tuna thread


I have tons of random samples and some packs from the older contests if were srs about doing this


you could prolly make a decent snare out of the “KH” bit, that guys got a lot of force in his voice


It isn’t at all.

And THAT is probably the most important thing you can teach yourself within terms of art. You cant build that pedistal and work as freely as without that pedistal. So throw it out the window.



hmm not sure why my thing won’t link right


I recorded this. Made a tune with my sample, you twatting sod-bollocks.



Well alright!

Here we go…


Hey, will you send me a link to this you twatting sod?

That’s bollocks you took it down. I will make a tune out of this next year.


This sample features content of an explicit nature, all users must be over the age of 18 (21 in the US and 19 in Canada) in order to operate. Users below the age must be above 13 and require parental permission for operation.
Use responsibly, enjoy.
Fuck off you twatting sod-bollock



  • street samples: field recordings, street performer clips, smartphone captures, other found recordings from IRL

  • animal samples: all tunes built from a set of animal sounds

  • album samples: we pick a record in a random genre, all samples have to come from it



I still need to make a tune with this. I was thinking some Ghettotek Grime Electro Bass type thing.


test your production

  1. someone transcribes an existing dubstep classic in to a MIDI file (BPM, drums, bass, melody, sample placement)
  2. competition entrants import this MIDI file and build a project with it. you aren’t allowed to change the composition but you can use whatever samples or instruments, and mix it, however you want.

so you’d end up with like 20 anti war dub re-makes or something. would they all sound the same though? i’d be interested in seeing how people approach it. i mess about with MIDI files all the time, is good fun.