Production competition ideas thread



ideas currently most popular seem to be…

  1. {new} Animal Sounds.

  2. Applied Minimalism.

  3. Field Recordings.

  4. Collab (Handoff aka Chinese Whispers aka work on it a bit, pass it along to the next player - not sure how to make this competitive tho).

Am I missing anything?

PS: re #1 - :zipper_mouth:

Anyone feeling this? WIP

we could definitely combine these methods, like applied minimalism of a particular animal sound

collab i think has to be done. then again, i dont really mind about the competing


So many ridiculous sounds in this (warning, audio takes a while to load)

or here:

or here:

or here:

Like with many other things, nature invented the sampler first:


just the first clip has already got me. im down for a,flip a bird comp


I’m super down

also check this :mrgreen::



Looks like we have a volunteer for the Handoff bidness…


Where dat from son?


@primer could have a go, whoever’s keen, if you are too

tbh we could just start @'ing whoever we wanna collab with. would that be too exclusive? cant tell.


I think interested parties have sounded off… er… somewhere.

But should keep overall number of participants reasonably low just so… I dunno.


just realized there is an @ everyone. tempted

see your point though

lets just start something, anything


The abuse potential boggles the mind… :shining:


its a tune i made with i think samples from those videos you linked

or atleast some attenburrough bird thing from like 4 years ago or something

so random


handoff could be like with drawings where you only get to see part of the drawing you’re adding too

but instead only get to listen to the last 8 bars of what the m8 did before your turn ?


up for that



Who be di mod[s] fi Production?

We should try and coordinate the handful of healthy comps running right now so there’s no overlap (100 bpm, DSF, the various genre ones… but not incl. Tuna, which is its own thing and rightfully so).


Yeah we need one of these every week (but no more than one)
Or every two weeks I guess


If I had muh druthers I’d say 2 weeks but would settle for 10 days. 3x a month is reasonable. Enough that someone could do all of 'em or only one as schedule permitted.

:timer: :calendar_spiral: :thinking: :hourglass_flowing_sand: :compression:


That sounds pretty good.


just hit me up with ideas and i’ll help run the ting if people are down, for the most part its not like you really need a mod to run a comp yourself anyways, but if you need help lmk