Production competition ideas thread


y’all know the story of brian eno composing the windows 95 startup sound right?

The thing from the agency said, “We want a piece of music that is inspiring, universal, blah-blah, da-da-da, optimistic, futuristic, sentimental, emotional,” this whole list of adjectives, and then at the bottom it said “and it must be 3.25 seconds long.”

how about a make a “song” that is < n seconds long for a competition idea?
added benefit: people might actually listen to all the entries in their entirety


Yeah we need stuff like this. I feel like the point of these comps is to throw people out of their comfort zone and the straight up sample pack comps just don’t do that for most of us. I mean there’s normally like 2-3 really good “normal” songs that it’s between while everyone else tries to do something weird (no offense to the normal songs… they’re great I’m just saying). Like the 100bpm was cool cuz most people hadn’t made a song in that BPM.


Experimental you say? Count me in!


Not exactly a sample pack comp but what if there was one sample (think like a jazz rif) and you can’t change anything about it and everyone has to build a beat for it

You can use whatever percussion you want and you can make the bass but that sample has to be prominent


seems like a cool idea


Recently I’ve been using the built in sampler on Logic to make some synths(?) At least I guess I’d call them that, I’ve basically been recording things that are putting out one main note/frequency for example just whistling into the mic or running a finger around the top of the wine glass, I find if I play some chords on my keyboard and have the notes ran though the sampler you can get some really interesting sounds. Just wondering if any of you have any suggestions for noises I could record to then play some chords through?

An example of the kind of nosies I’ve been making are in the tune below, The pad in this one was made by whistling into the mic, chopping the high end off and adding some reverb then playing some chords though the sampler using the recorded noise.

But yeah any suggestions would be sick!


Sample competition ideas, not shameless self promo, Harry.


Here’s an interesting one. As a 14 year old I’m rather limited on how much I can spend on this stuff, so I make most of my sounds in free apps (ew!:mask:) so why not make it a challenge. See who can make the best sound with the free, provided sounds on an app like garage band or musicmakerjam. Check my soundcloud SteelGraph to see the basic stuff you’re capable of with this.


I see it very unlikely, that people would move back to a freebie platform if they have a paid DAW…


I disagree (that ppl would be hesitant to switch daws) - in fact that’s what I was proposing above with Audiotool.

I think it’d be interesting both for experienced producers to have to learn something new in short order (provided it’s not too deep), and the less experienced will have an even shot against the geezers with lots of money sunk into their rig.

Limitations are an artist’s best friend after all.


Let’s have a brostep comp in this audio tool thinger-majiggy.


Sure if it’s something new. But Garageband for example? Nothing new, just an ultra-stripped down version of Logic in my eyes.


Checked out Audiotool btw. Accidentally deleted the mixer. Took a full 5 minutes figure out how to get a new one since none of these effects say “mixer”, instead it’s called “Centroid” lol. Now I accidentally zoomed-out using the mousepad and for some reason thing won’t let me zoom back in properly. :poop:


Still better than garage band lmao​:joy::joy:


I still have yet to figure out the sequencer in Audiotool myself…

but see, that’s why it’s a competition - there’s a challenge involved! :clap:


OK: so we just wrapped up 100BPM#3 - I’d call it a success - and if anyone has an idea on deck for a new contest, now’s the time. I’d love to see more “challenge” type competitions because limitations are a creative type’s best friend.

[Just a refresher: we’ve got the legacy Sample Pack Comps (we’re up to 48 now right?); we’ve got BPM challenges (so far just 100bpm but open to moar); we’ve had, including stuff done on the old site, single-sample contests (like a brief blip of a waveform), VST contest (all sounds originating from a designated freeware VST), a sponsored contest where a commercial sample house donated a set of sounds and the prize was one of their products, and the random/one-off genre competitions that pop up from time to time.] [quote=“MorrisJessle, post:3, topic:3078”]
Applied Minimalism - A pack with a single sample from which an entire track must be made.
Sample Pack - Random sample pack from which a track must be made
Potluck - user submitted samples constitute a single pack from which a track must be made
48 Hour - any sounds may be used, but tracks must be composed within the allotted 48 hour time period, no sooner, and no later
Music For Film/video - a short video clip is selected and entrants must compose a piece of music for it
Photo/artwork - a static piece of visual art is selected to inspire entrants to compose a relevant piece of music

Am I missing any?

We’ve talked about a browser-based DAW like Audiotool, using a pack from a contributor like Ghosthack, doing a MIDI ting…

Speak up fam!



New bpm: 372 bpm





If you build it, they will cum.

The added bonus with that kind of comp is shorter turnaround too. Lord knows I make bare loops ffe that never turn into more.


There’s already 10 sec challenge being constructed so I’m a bit late, but for the sake of just maybe (not guaranteed) getting some non-regulars to participate next time, I want to say that outside of these certain “loopholes”, it’s quite challenging to make anything out of these samples that doesn’t sound like 50% percussive, 50% sub bass based-music stuff. It’s not wrong (it’s DSF after all) but just wanted to say this, since people hoped for more voters/submits in the beginning of the last comp. If anything, I do believe there are more people who make music lurking these forums than just 10 regulars.