Production competition ideas thread


There’s actually only 3 people on this forum. Everyone else is an alt account of databoi


Databoi has to be a very busy and mentally flexible man.


So… Symphonic Slam? Orchestral Onslaught? DSFJazz?

I’d be down for an ambient competition.


Not exactly bad ideas. Drop a relatively small Jazz sample pack for example (if there are any half-decent free ones around) and people are forced to make shit out of that. Or orchestral. Or whatever else. Not saying it would make wonders tho. I’d be down for ambient too btw, would be nice to try it out.


I would really like an Audiotool challenge because I’m new to the scene and don’t have the money to put into any equipment and that’s what I use and a comp would motivate me to learn how to use it more.


Any other takers?


Lauw it fam, I’ll dog you.


we need this


remix a classic dnb tune into dubstep

or dubstep into dnb - - has to be recognizable and welknown


A sample pack that it entirely sampled from songs (ie crate digging)


How about one week to submit, one week to vote, then one week where the winner sets the samples for the following week.

So each week there are three competitions running at once: one comp to be submitted, one comp to be judged, and one winner selecting the next batch of samples (any theme they want).

(Bit like DOA’s tune of the week - strike me down with lightning for mentioning that place :wink: )

Apologies if anybody already said this idea, I didn’t read the whole thread.


have we ever just had like a 10 way tune battle, like a tune free for all deathmatch

could be p brutal


No, but I once challenged @MorrisJessle to a post 10 tunes right now battle.


Do the old 10cc nothing but your voice sample comp.

Get personal with ya pipes.


Really? Did I go for it or nah?



You challenged me first for some reason and I was still thinking that you were maybe Badman Juice, so I was like fuck you, post 10 tunes right now.


I concur


What’s 10cc?


The band