Production competition ideas thread


remix contest of one of these…


bootleg contest of this:

at 600 bpm


Black Midi Showdown w/ the midi driving samplers w/ bits of that tune and a vocoder on each channel WHAAAAAAAT…


i wanna hear dat haha


How about one where we attempt to recreate the general vibe of a tune without actually remaking it?



How about one where we make a track entirely out of the 3 Truth DDD Sample Packs?

I think they got deleted, but I got the files before they got deleted. If you guys are good with this idea, I’ll upload the files. :slight_smile:


[cranks engine… ] A’ight y’all.

The contests seem to have lost a little momentum - no fault on anyone’s part, just ppl being busy and whatnot - but a lot of us agree that the production contests are one of the best things about DSF, old and new. Tuna is where the real dons doing pushing their limits all live, but many of us have challenges that prevent us from participating regularly:

schedules, lives, jobs, schools, families, hardware or workflow problems, motivation issues, disorganization, laziness.


Let's Make DSF Contests Great Again.

  1. The 100 BPM challenge was a great idea - for a while. I think keeping 'em ongoing sort of diminished the challenge/fun after a while though.

  2. Genre challenges are an iffy proposition just because some people “live” in those genres 24/7 and already know the ropes, while others are forced to reinvent the wheel on their own.

  3. Having it all be strictly sample-based is kind of moot because this is the norm for many producers (again, no challenge)

  4. Limitations are good but need to be leveraged to be as level to all participants as possible - i.e. something that we can all do, regardless of gear or experience.

[deep breath]

@moderators can we get a thread rename here to “Production Competition Ideas Thread” if possible?


less talking more walking


You have that ability because I see you in the lounge, but I went ahead and changed it.


Can’t really think of a good thread to throw this in but lately I’ve been finding a lot of really good samples from old japanese jazz/experimental type stuff.

Found this one and it’s really amazing,

haven’t had time to go through all the related stuff but I imagine it will be equally as sample rich :twothumbsup:


i found this folder full of bollywood soundtracks in a computer from work, pretty fun stuff too


TBH only the Tunaheads hold it down and really rep this stuff. I’m at the point where IDGAF what we do, just want to see more quantity and more kinds of contest.


we should do one where there is a selected video or visual piece and everyone makes an accompanying ‘score’ for it


That could be amazing… what you reckon for video?


maybe a short segment of this? open to anything though, we could go several different directions i.e actually scoring/sound design the scene, or just something more representative/feeling based idk

more ideas


Pleasure dome not available in uk lol. Good with any of those though, drone soundtrack to shopping with susan


more vids

theres one somewhere of a glacier shelf collapsing and the boat having to cope with the tsunami after. theres one really smart clip in there where, because of the way the boat rides on the wave, the direction the boats going in comparison to the background and the perspective correction of the camera, time in the video appears to go backwards for a second before fixing itself. wanna do something with that at some point


P0rn soundtrack

Competitors get to pick their own clip


yeh what could go wrong?


Someone does a heavily swung 2step track to some DP