Production competition ideas thread


that the best you got?

what about a donk track to skat


If that’s your thing, crack on :bluethumb:


wub stay vanilla


shit just remembered this jam

That drummer has so much groove, gotta find somethin to sample. I remember I used to listen to a lot of his stuff
Holy shit I can’t believe I forgot about this guy. He was a huge inspiration for me when I used to drum


These guys are the house band at the SF Jazz Center, which is right by my house. :sunglasses:


Shit man the samples you could snatch


They had Zakir Hussain there oh my god. That man is amazing


@_ronzlo’s typical day out


Not gonna lie I lol’d


I have admittedly dreamt of owning a parabolic mic lol. Fuck you.

Especially when you consider the fact that we’ve also got the SF Taiko Dojo, a million gospel acts rehearsing in churches, street musicians (about half of whom are percussionists)…

Honestly you could walk around town for days and catch mad samples right out of the air.


What about one where you can only use one get/synth/drum machine for the entire song.


yup. Only a sampler :badteeth:


Sort of like the VST comp on the old board? :thinking:

Would it be a standalone application or… ? Sort jibes with the Audiotool (browser DAW) idea floated before…


I mean either would work. We could all use some free synth that’s really crappy or whatever or we could all use one that we like


that online synth/algorithm/loop place that ronzlo linked a while ago was promising, could easily lead to collabing


I charge London ninjas:


What’s the deal with this?

I’ve loved participating in these in the past, if no-one is down to be “contest starter/sample gatherer” then I volunteer myself as tribute… or / and one of the judges…

Or if someone has already got some ideas and is setting this up as we speak then I shall be patient and see y’all in the ring :cowboy_hat_face:


Someone here won the last one and was supposed to up a new one (in b4 that was actually me :badteeth:) - @swerver? @Samuel_L_Damnson? @Tolsof? Anyone remember?

I think it was the last 100bpm fwiw. The last “DSF##” was 47 over a year ago innit? (damn!)


I didn’t win the last one I don’t think


I think I may have posted the samples in fact