Shackleton Appreciation


Oh sick, where at?


in northampton, actually stopped using the venue cos the owner’s a nutter but should be pretty perfect for it, 150 capacity at a push


Ahh nice, bit out the way for me but definitely gonna consider it


yeh gis the deets closer the time, small cap shack would be worth the trip


Reckon you’d stay up there or something, not sure if any of my mates would be feeling rolling haha


Yeah I imagine a few people I know would be keen, get a hostel or sumin I suppose


Nooiice mate! Could be up for the trip depending when it is and overall costs, but aye give us the deets when you have it all ready!


Yeah will do!


Who’s going to see the Shack Man in London tonight then?


I’m not normally one to rant or moan, but that was one of the worst nights I’ve ever been to (Ben UFO, Hunee & Shackleton @ XOYO). Forgive me, but I really need to vent somewhere… To be honest, it all boils down to the fact that Hunee and Shackleton should never have been put on the same lineup. We all know what kind of vibes Shackleton brings to the dance, and you’d expect something at least somewhat similar to go alongside him. I’ve seen him a lot of times, playing alongside a wide variety of other artists, but generally people with a more dark vibe, whether that’s dubstep/bass, techno, experimental, etc. But what I didn’t expect was a couple hours of disco related stuff from Hunee and Ben UFO before the Shack Man came on. It really doesn’t lend itself to the kind of vibe you want when you go see Shackleton. And no offence to anyone there, but in general the crowd was just awful. You could tell the vast majority were there for Hunee (which is fine), but again it’s not the crowd you would want to be with to zone out to Shackleton with, everyone was very pushy etc. It’s a real shame as I’d expect more considering the night/lineup was curated by Ben UFO himself. Surely he knows what works in a club?! I’ve fully respected him as a DJ since his early days, so it’s really disappointing. There are sooo many potential guests he could have got, or routes he could have went down to make this a great night. It would have been a great chance for him to maybe book some of the Hessle guys or Tectonic or whatever. I’m aware he mainly plays in the techno/house sort of field now, and the rest of his bookings generally reflect that. Anyway, apologies for the rant, it’s probably the only one you’ll ever see from me, but I get very passionate when it comes to Shackleton :lol_og:


Those line ups always look banging but XO is whack regardless of whos playing. They must just throw money at the curators cos no fucking way would these people pick that place to spend a Friday or sat night anyother time.

Quite odd to here it was Shack and Hunnee lol. I thought Hunee would be in his own room all night or something.



See, I’ve been to XOYO three times before, and had an amazing night every time (the infamous Skream 01-05 night was absolutely nuts) . Actually saw Shackleton there along with Peverelist, Kowton and Scuba a couple years ago and it ranks up there as one of the best times I’ve seen him. Always thought the crowds were good there too. I just think that this time it was more of a Hunee crowd than a Shackleton crowd, and it really affected the vibe for me. Just goes to show how important lineup selection is for a night.


only been talking about it in this thread for 2 years now but its finally sorted, shack in a 150 capacity room in northampton supported by adapta and onlyz

absolutely fucking chuffed tbh


i gave my tix away for that xoyo before in this very thread, swear it was you that had them tbf. thought the hunee and shack on same, small lineup (at xoyo) was a poor move from bufo tbh, for someone so switched on usually it did seem a bit odd


Where can i buy tickets?


should be on the RA link, i only added them a minute ago though so not sure if it’s working yet


just checked and still says pending approval, will update in here when its working !


Would be down for that, but Northampton is a bit of a mission though :frowning:
Might reach this though just cause I need to see Shackleton. What’s corsica like?


It’s been a few years since I’ve been but Corsica was one of my favourite clubs, the sound in room 2 was KILLER!