Shackleton Appreciation


No Bristol cos of simple thing’s, i tried.


just saw mordaunt post on twitter about this

anyone going simple things? not been before so quite looking forward to it


I kinda want to but its like 4 days after Unsound…


Considering it, but also thinking of going system the week before. Can’t justify going to both though


Did anyone see him at Jazz Café in London the other week? Didn’t go this time, saw him there last year, and didn’t really think the venue was right for Shacky. Always interested to hear what his set was like though, new music etc?


Does he do much UK shows? Need to see him play out still


Usually at least 3 or 4 in a year. If you are a fan of his music on record, you will be blown away by seeing him live.


didn’t bother with jazz cafe. last time i saw him there it was very quiet and he pretty much spent the whole set pointing at the engineer for more vol. obvs still smashed it

playing for loose lips in manc in march but it’s the day before st patricks day and already got plans down here

need to get back in touch with paul and get the big man booked in, was so close last year and all


and yeah seeing him live is absolutely essential, been about 15 times now


Yeah I remember Shacky getting well annoyed cos of the lighting, he was having to use his phone to see what he was doing. Pretty unprofessional from the venue to be honest.

Make that booking happen this year!


i’m going to e-mail him right now


He played in Bristol in October ish but i was coming back from Unsound so missed it.

Got quite close to sorting a DJ set in ryewax before i moved away, tried to do it again in Bristol but simple things had him xxxclusive for a year. Mental.


Really?! As far as I’m aware this was the first time he’s ever done a DJ set:

That is mental about getting him exclusive for a year though, wonder if that costs them more, or if that’s part of all his bookings.


ah would’ve loved to go to that, wish it was recorded


Yeah I wish there were more recordings of Shackleton sets in general. The Fabric mix CD and the mix for Mary Anne Hobbs are both some of the best pieces of music ever. A proper journey.


The fabric mix is probably one of my most favourite mixes tbh, so good


bloody sorted ain’t it




You booked Shackleton?


yeah later this year !