Shackleton Appreciation


Looks like it’s in room 1 and the system there has been upgraded recently apparently


working now man


Yeah already purchased!


legend big up !


Ooh. Will have a look at transport n hostel type thing this weekend


Nah that wasn’t me man. I forgot to post it here, but Ben did respond to me…

hi, this was my programming decision not the clubs. sorry you didn’t enjoy it. all the acts involved are fans of each other, and we’re all friends. one of the ideas behind this series was to give people the opportunity to play in different musical situations than is the standard for them, so they can explore a wider range of their influences than is often possible. my taste in music is broad, as is most people’s these days i think, and my choices in programming the residency reflect that. sure, most people would not link shackleton and hunee, but they are connected both personally and musically, and i knew the space between them would be interesting to explore. shackleton plays live, and has a singular voice, more so than almost anyone else that i can think of in our scene - so of course the rest of us adapted around his set such that the arc of the night made sense. if you came expecting a whole night of disco euphoria, or a whole night of shackleton-esque percussive madness, i am sure you were disappointed - but if you looked at the lineup in advance and saw a diverse range of musical identities and came with an open mind, im sure you would have had as nice a time as we all did. this isn’t to denigrate your opinion or experience in any way, just giving sharing my perspective!


Nice man, glad you got it all sorted out! Sounds wicked with the small venue too. Hope it goes well, and be sure to post some photos here afterwards to make the rest of us jealous :wink:


Corsica is my favourite club in existence