Shackleton Appreciation


It was a full new live set he played for the first time both nights !

Absolutely smashed it up here, such a sound guy too. Went straight on after Adapta which was fully mental.


Just got a cheapo ticket for shack at phonox, Pangaea on support. Anyone else reaching?

Not a big fan of phonox crowd in general but decent sound and I’m 10mins down the road so no reason not to…


I was about to book a ticket then I realised I’m already going system that night haha


didn’t even realise, so disconnected from dubstep ha

wonder how much the audiences overlap these days


There’s actually a couple nights on the 16th that would be a good shout. Booked my system ticket pretty much when it got announced in August I think though. Hoping to catch Shackleton in the next few months though since I missed him two weeks back


Saw the event at Phonox, and was well tempted as I’ve not been there yet. But I just saw him play a couple weeks ago, so decided to get tickets for Night Slugs v Principe later that month at Phonox instead.