Shackleton Appreciation


It was a full new live set he played for the first time both nights !

Absolutely smashed it up here, such a sound guy too. Went straight on after Adapta which was fully mental.


Just got a cheapo ticket for shack at phonox, Pangaea on support. Anyone else reaching?

Not a big fan of phonox crowd in general but decent sound and I’m 10mins down the road so no reason not to…


I was about to book a ticket then I realised I’m already going system that night haha


didn’t even realise, so disconnected from dubstep ha

wonder how much the audiences overlap these days


There’s actually a couple nights on the 16th that would be a good shout. Booked my system ticket pretty much when it got announced in August I think though. Hoping to catch Shackleton in the next few months though since I missed him two weeks back


Saw the event at Phonox, and was well tempted as I’ve not been there yet. But I just saw him play a couple weeks ago, so decided to get tickets for Night Slugs v Principe later that month at Phonox instead.


yeah just sorted train tix, not been phonox before but looking fwd to it !


not me his music is ultra boring.


Get out






who’s going tomorrow night then? the homie yamaneko is playing at this ambient ting off brick lane (yeah i know) before that i’ll probs reach, lineup looks tasty & it’s on from 6ish too


Should be if my bus aint delayed loads. Heard good things about peach and obviously Pangaea will be gud. Hopefully the bar isn’t a piss take


i’ve not been there before tbf, is the bar normally shit?

obvs impossible to judge from res advisor tix but those are still on 2nd release, not that that usually means anything


Swing low, Sweet Ban Hammerrrrrrrr


I wish I wasn’t so autistic so I could actually put into words how much I love this album. The kinda thing you’d expect Shackleton to put out but at the same time so different in every way. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard and despite pretty much having it on repeat for the last 2 months it’s not grown stale or bored me, if anything I’m still finding new things in it that I didn’t hear before


Damn straight, one of the best albums evaaar (If you can call it an album??)
Test Tubes is just ridiculous


I would’ve been happy with just music for the quiet hour, but the drawbar organ tunes are such a welcome inclusion, some of his best work easily. Part 2 & 3 of music for the quiet hour are just perfect in every way. I think my friends are getting a bit sick of how much I’ve been raving about Shackleton though :cornlol:


think i’ve listened to it at least once a week since it came out, it’s genuinely perfect. so well presented as well. i rinse a few of the drawbar tunes out all the time, usually it is not easy

even stuck pt 5 in a skate edit ages ago, i love that little melancholy ending so much, it’s from 2.30ish onwards in this haha. thinking about it we went bristol that weekend to skate and go watch shack at motion tbf.


Looks like his next London date is March 31st for some daytime resident advisor festival. Definitely gonna hit that up, but hopefully there’ll be something on before cause idk if I can wait that long haha