Shackleton Appreciation


I think this a sit down affair but I could be wrong



Or who knows, might turn out like Samuel Kerridge in Bristol where some guy was having spiritual revelations while altar area became a rather functional dancefloor.


Are the events at St John-at-Hackney usually sit down affairs?

Was really looking forward to this, but I’m unsure whether I’ll go if it’s seated. I’ve seen Shackleton a bunch of times, and just can’t imagine enjoying it as much not being able to zone out and groove by the stacks.

Anyone been to anything similar at the venue? How was it?


I tried tweeting Ninja tune about it but they pared me off


Just done a Google search and seems some events there are standing. Only been to another church venue in London and this one looks quite different. I’m sure they’ll do the right thing.



Shackleton’s Powerplant is a 4-piece percussion group, dwell on dat.


You know that this doesn’t change anything for me! You should come!


Yeah I’m gonna try make it.
Shackleton AS BAND is all I ever want to hear!

Not sure if it’s anything to do with this song, or if it’s just titled that as it’s debuting at Berlin Atonal (in an ex-powerplant…)


Serious?! How’d you find that out?

If this is standing, I’m definitely attending. Otherwise, might wait for another show. Wonder if he’ll do many Powerplant shows.


Hes spoke with his agent at the very least, runs a night in Bristol.


if i remember i’ll report back on here after the berlin one


Shush lol sensitive info (not really)…
click Shackleton for more info on the Berlin Atonal site.


Nice one for the heads up, sounds really interesting. Looking forward to hearing about it afterwards.


I feel like Shackleton’s “Fabric 55” is the creative height of that dark/ominous tribal dubstep sound. I’ve yet to hear anything stylistically similar that tops it.


true. probably my most listened to CD ever. peerless.


i want to see shackleton :corncry:



second tune sounds sick in that preview!


I only like Naked by him. Blood on your hands is okay, but very meh.


One of the first dubstep artists I heard.