Shackleton Appreciation




Has anyone seen his new Powerplant live show yet?


Wubstep probably will at Unsound if its there? If not a few of us will on the 30th


I forgot to reply after Atonal, it’s fucking sick (obviously!). Prefer his ‘normal’ sets though tbh.

Anyone reaching in Nottingham on the 31st?


Naa we saw the collab set with Japan band Nisennenmondai, was pretty damn great.

This is pretty accurate representation I guess, live drummer doing ALL the percussion (relentless hi-hatt work out plus 4/4 kicks and occasional snare, plus the other chick doing some synth/guitar/bass stuff, Shackdem pon laptop n effects)


Saw Nisenennmondai at Bad Bonn’s Kilbi festival in 2011 (well worth the travel btw., their line-ups are mad and the club is absolutely stellar in every aspect). Don’t remember much except it was very good, haha.


Yeah, one of my favourites of last week. Girls smashed it. Looking forward to Powerplant for comparison!


anyone go notts on sat? fucking went off. archive series track early in the set sounded nuts


Was it a Powerplant set or his normal live set?

I went to see his Powerplant show at St John’s-at-Hackney last week. Was pretty cool, I guess it was pretty much what I imagined it would be like. Still prefer his normal live sets, but I don’t think it was really the right venue for it. All the times I’ve seen him in the past, it’s been in a smaller space, and people are proper zoning out and vibing next to the stacks. Making it a seating gig, with him on at such an early time, just didn’t feel right. Would really like to see it again at a different venue, and see how he improves upon it say a year down the line.


Yeah I was saying it needed to be in a proper dark tunnel type venue with a big ass rig, but then again i say that for everything these days lol


All the seats made no sense at all, and yeah a big ass rig would’ve made a difference…

Plus, didn’t expect him to play first… arrived after the weird guy was singing


Normal live set man.

watching powerplant early and seated doesn’t sound right. venue at atonal b2b coming up on a fairly decent pinger made it well special


Shackleton × Nisennenmondai plus visuals from Pedro Maia. Still holding up as one of the festival highlights for me.


playing ldn on 23rd of jan for a fiver innit





oooh shiit yes


Scuba has no business being on that lineup.


I fully agree even though he’s the one who booked it ha


Rude not to for £5.