Shackleton Appreciation


I might not end up going (gf’s birthday) so will probs have two of the cheap tix to sell - will stick them in here near the time


Might be interested!

The normal tickets are so pricey compared to the early birds lol. In the new year my days off are changing to Sunday & Monday making Saturday all nighters more bearable.


Yeah hit me up with a message closer to the time if you want them!


100% not going now if anyone wants those tickets? £12 for both


The Drawbar Organ EPs are like ear candy. No one sounds like Shackle, really is da producer’s producer


Did anyone make it down to Shackleton at XOYO last night?

His set was just ridiculous, I’ve seen him play a lot of times and that ranks up with the best. It was like 90% new material as well, and it sounds like he’s got a bit of a new sound going on. Lots of African percussion / rhythms going on.


bit late

but yes!

it was great and so was livity


Second time I had saw Shackleton, even better than the first time some dark vibes. Bet it would be even better in a smaller pitch black venue.


Don’t suppose anyone has any recs to stuff on a similar vibe to older Shackleton stuff?
The comparisons to Muslim gauz are kinda there but he has sooooo much stuff I find super hit and miss.
A few tracks from Ancestral Voices are about as close as I can get.


check out funtcase



and this guy just got in contact with me. Massive Muslimgauze fanatic but updated production values, might be of interest.


will check it out at home!

This was the track i was thinking of btw, just kinda a similar vibe to shaks fabric mix



I was thinking Ancestral Voices too. That album is amazing, defo my album of 2015 and one of my new favourites.


re: muslimgauze
these are these essential lps imo:
uzi (the rape of palestine)
united states of islam
hamas arc
vote hezbollah

some cut hands (madwoman, afro noise 1) is sorta on a similar vibe to muslimgauze but drawing from african music rather than middle east

some villalobos - chromosul and fizheuer zieheuer in particular

you’d prob like some nonplace stuff like friedman & liebezeit’s secret rhythms series (3 to 5 in particular). shackleton even provided a remix

not necessarily similar sounding but i find t++'s erosion releases go nicely with the skull disco stuff
and i reckon some of demdike stare’s early stuff is sorta similar-ish to shackleton (“conjoined” for instance)


did anyone else not piece together the skull disco - school disco pun btw

i saw mosca saying to appleblim on twitter he’d only just got it

and i was like


nice 1 will check all this out

Ive been though about 5 or 6 lps of his but id be fucked if you asked me to name em.
Mullah Said is the about the only one of his I can even name.


omg :gun:




still this is a far better story

Now my idea of a party is one where people let themselves go and are bang into the music, and I was reading this book at the time about a tribe from Cameroon who dug up their ancestors remains so as they could enjoy watching the festivities while the living members of the tribe played music, danced and got pissed. I thought ‘that’s the spirit!’ So I decided to call the label Skull Disco.