Shackleton Appreciation


Yeah I rate his LP on BeB. Wil have to look into the older bits

I rate these guys alot, the tracks from the test pressing (07 particularly is a banger) and the albums they have been putting out.
Not really dug into their LPs but yeah this kinda stuff is :corndance:


man demdike stare is so nce, check em you’ll love it
got it from someone else on here iirc, good shit




Love it how Shackleton’s music always just seems to come out of nowhere. Can’t wait to listen to this.


What did everyone think of the Devotional Songs EP then?

Just saw this new one! Just at work, but gonna listen tonight.

Portable feat. Kinoo - This Frozen Lake (Shackleton Mix)


I like it, its abit different but still good


New Shackleton track ‘The Stitch Up’ coming out on Fabric’s 111 track compilation.

(Along with so many more tracks I’m really excited to hear).




Sooooo hyped to listen to this. Shackleton + Vengeance Tenfold is a killer combination.


@Johnlenham similar vibe to Sam.
and yeh hype for the album


Will check it out :slight_smile:


(the last tracks doesnt work for me)


I can’t get past the vocals for this and the last album.
The music is so good byt the singing vocals completely ruin it for me.
Venegeance Tenfold on Music for The Quiet Hour sounded sick because he was just talking


oh i loved it


Should get my copy today :slight_smile:


Apart from the whack artwork (not my thing atall) this bangs


i’ve loved the vocals on the last two tbh

anyone going to that thing at camden jazz cafe in feb?

enjoyed this remix also

bought that nomeansno remix the other day, been meaning too for ages… £45 but fuck it


Missed the last couple releases, are they worth checking? Can’t say I’ve really been listening to anything he’s done since skull disco so idk what they’re about


Pretty far away from anything on skull disco tbh. It’s still good though.
I reckon this will be easier to get into but I do rate the previous one alot


Fair enough, been trynna branch out by listening to more experimental shit recently anyway so might check it when I get a free day or something