Shackleton Appreciation


Mate Music for the quiet hour and the Drawbar organ EPs are some of the best electronic music you will hear.
Check his Fabric mix first if you haven’t already.
‘Negative Thoughts’ :gunfinger:


Good shout, Shackleton’s fabric 55 is absolutely stellar and highly recommended. Probably the most consistent recording of electronic music in my collection, with great flow, progression and (as one might expect from an all-Shackleton “mix”) stunningly convincing atmosphere. 10/10.


Good decision. :ok_hand: Before delving into the weirdness, I’d recommend listening to Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. So many contemporary releases still draw heavily from its legacy, knowing it (and other works with similar impact, e.g. Philip Glass’ Glassworks or Eno’s Music for Airports) will save you a lot of confusion.



Shack’s fabric 55:


listened to fabric 55 at work the other day for the first time in a while and felt hammered afterwards

still the most perfectly worked hour or so of music, otherworldly


its pretty relentless but yeah hearing how it was basically just a recreation of a set he did at fabric once makes me bummed I never saw him do one of those kinda sets.


ah that sucks, i saw him so many times in 2011-13 so got to enjoy plenty of those kinda sets (sorry!)

bloc 2011 was a mad one, fire alarm was going off for ages but no one had any idea if it was part of the set or what


Perpetually sunlit peak close to the Moon’s south pole

Would be built on the sunlit rim of Shackleton Crater, near proposed lunar base

50 m-high domed structure Temple will be 'symbol of unity for humankind'


As long is this is looping 24/7 inside


any brehs go jazz cafe last friday? belting set, bit quiet though

inga copeland was so pony



lol yeah a bit lazy just playing tunes off cdjs and singing occasionally


Shackleton smashed his set at Jazz Cafe, as he always does. Thought the crowd was a bit tame, took em ages to get into the Shacky vibe. I had a great time though, found a spot with good sound and tried to not stray too far from it.


anyone on here booked him within the past year or so?

i’m messaging paul atm but just wanna check a few things


You planning on booking him for London?


nah northampton, pretty funny they already mentioned no london, bristol or sheff tbf


guessing no sheff cos of this - !


And no London cos of this:
Not sure about that one to be honest. I went to Oval Space to see Vatican Shadow, and it’s a cool venue, but it’s huuuge, and I don’t really know if Shackleton will work in a space like that. I remember being disappointed at the general vibe when I saw Vatican Shadow for that same reason.


Shackleton at fabric sounded great, main room as well. Oval space might be even bigger though, haven’t been. But live set at room 1 that time was memorable



I always get excited when I see this thread pop to the top.

Not heard of Anika before so looking forward to hearing what this is like. Shackleton has been pretty good to us the past few years.

On another note, did anyone go to see him at Oval Space?


Lookin fwd to this!
Female vocals on a Shack release will be decent.
Never heard of Anika either, she reminds me of Nico from Velvet Underground