Soundcloud 🎢





  1. seems the number of plays between ads is shortening too.

  2. is it just me or does the algorithm now seem to be looking more at the types of sounds you favorite instead of genre tags or w/e…?


Can’t open one fucking user account on SC today. EDIT: All ok now. For now, anyways


I’m not following this fucking guy.
ublock on too…


They lost me when the top Promoted Track started being Goldman Sachs lol.

Nah, I still listen from time to time but a lot of the folks I’m listening to are putting out more on BC.


no time limit is definitely a good thing.

won’t get the cool comments & reposts tho


Basically I use an account I lost login access to buy am still logged on my phone as a repost board. Also, shuffling my thousands of likes tracks makes a p good playlist when I have nothing else.


shit makes me laugh every time I log into SC and immediately see a Goldman Sachs track

don’t they realize that almost everyone on that platform is broke af?


Or that Goldbag Sacks is the Divel?! :imp:


no doubt


i dont see goldman sachs in my feed, probs because i have a pro account

only plebs with no interest whatsoever for goldman sachs gets their shit forcefed to them, the irony

i hope goldman sachs pays for that tbh


it would be funny to set up a Goldman Sachs parody Soundcloud page and have fake podcasts about fucked up financial advice





funny thing about the Goldman Sachs SC page is that when they first popped up on the soundcloud ads, comments weren’t disabled, so people were just chatting all sorts of shit and fucking around. It took, I think a couple weeks until they decided to disable them lol


ha got the same thing


Has anybody heard of RepostExchange?

You repost tunes for credit and you can request reposts from other members.

If you sign up through my referral link, I get 50 credits.


@cyclopian u tryna leave the forum now that u can monetize all that free soundcloud exposure we gave u is that it?