Stuff That Should Be Improved


def need the Big lebowski, the lama and the wrestler dude.


this is a pretty good bunch to start with :wink:


Yeah, used this one quite often as well:


The search function is a huge improvement


Yes, it came with the latest version of Discourse a few days ago…


I’m not that stupid lol.


Will there ever be a brostep subforum?


Yeah that cannon one is obligatory


u shuld be allowed to like your own posts


was it mason who went through liking loads of one of his old account’s posts on the old forum?


Also I swear half the time I click to reply to a particular person it just posts it in the thread. That above post should have been in response to molzie


edit; dont worry sorted


kind of wish the default home page was on “categories” instead of “latest”

im just going to change my bookmark to categories but w/e


Do you do this kind of thing on facebook too?


if you try to make a post in ALL CAPS it says “body is invalid”

Whats that bullshit all about




Don’t be like that.


Yeah, I got that too, but if I put lowercase letters afterwords, it worked.

I think that is a feature, yeah?


that’s why i had to title this thread the way i did

don’t see anyway around it


I like that, all caps is some spammer level title stuff. Looks ugly as well


thats stupid