Stuff That Should Be Improved


yo anyway to get rid of that notification when the system edits pictures you posted

if not idc it’s just a little annoyin


The mix of the day thread should be improved by more people contributing to it on a daily basis.


I didnt even know we had one!


The grayed out thread names means that I’ve read them, correct?


Who’s a clever cookie :wink:


Yep, that’s it.


Spoiler tag now supports images, too:


(clean browser’s cache if it doesn’t work)


I think you should make it so that “@OP” makes a tag for the original poster of a thread so that they get notifications when you actively respond to them but weren’t paying attention to their name.


The system notification after posting a picture has got to go.


What do you mean? What kind of notification do you get after uploading a pic?


it sends you a notification that the system has like downloaded a copy of the image or something like that, which you really don’t need to get a notification for.


An notification from the system saying the photo has been edited to include the new dsf link it was uploaded to.


Features such as this one are depending on core mechanisms of the forum (Discourse) and we cannot add it easily so the only possibility is that Discourse community make the feature and then we upgrade to it.


I understand now. Tnx. I’ve fixed it by setting:

Disables edit notifications by the system user when ‘download_remote_images_to_local’ is active.


The performance of this forum software is poor and the design is inefficient. Can there be an HTML-only version?


It’s really hard to satisfy every taste and if one doesn’t want to behave as sectarian, he must at the end adopt a mainstream way of doing things. Hence, in a technical-context this forum software (so the DSF too) just follows the mainstream and that’s because majority of users and visitors expects that.

Despite this, you can get HTML-only page if you turn off JavaScripts on the site (for example with NoScript plugin). With it you’ll get fast and simplified site intended for web crawlers. With a few custom CSS adjustments it can be really used by real persons too. So be free :wink:


I get a notification whenever someone even posts in a thread that I started, so that seems redundant (assuming I understand what you’re saying correctly).


A good mod would know that it’s possible to disable that tbf.


I don’t want to disable that… ?


Doesn’t make your response any less redundant.