Stuff That Should Be Improved


on the login page, “log me on automatically each visit” does not do what it implies


it does for me.

checked your cookie settings?


yea but it doesn’t work no matter what browser I use


I’ll check that. Thanks for reporting @kLik_kLak.


Say there are three forum members; a, b, and c.
If a and b exchange messages privately and, for instance, a “@” tags c in a message to b, does c get a notification? Is c able to read the conversation/message? What happens?


In some hip hop forums they got a like button, a swag button, a whack button, a bullshit button, and an OG button. I really think that it would be beneficial for the community if we got with the times and upgrading our 1 button like/acknowledgement system to a 8 button hood themed response system. Willing to help make the icons for this.


the only button we dont have, that we need, is the big up

its almost worthless posting on this forum without the incentive of a possible big up imo


And before any mods say “but we have a like button”, it’s not the same and you fucking know it.


What about if we have a Bigup, Roadman, Wasteman, and Cuzz button to fulfill our full range of emotional reactions.


There is def something weird with the reply button. When I reply to a specific post, half the time it works, half the time it does not. Or else, it just doesn’t show me that I’ve replied to a specific person.


it might be because you’re replying to the most recent post in the thread. in that case, it doesn’t show the little reply icon at the top right of the post (eg like dansci’s post above). it just looks like a normal post. that’s how it’s supposed to run i think.

like i just replied to you instead of replying to the thread, but it doesn’t have that icon.


OK, that is good to know.



just a little something I notice and not sure if it’s been covered before, but say someone posts a post with a youtube video in it, then someone replies to that post with another post with a youtube video in it, then you’re watching the video in the reply and you click on the little arrow above the post to see what the hell he/she was replying to, then it kind of disables the youtube video in the reply post and you are not able to play that video anymore, but you can play the video in the original post. You have to refresh the page to be able to play the video in the reply again.

For example, this post:


mate calm down it’s going to be ok


can’t see the ‘play cursor’ in embedded soundcloud tunes (you know, the orange bit) is it just me or is that happening for others?

edit: nvm can’t see it on actual soundloud website either for previews :confused:

edit: it’s a chrome thing, swear down i’m ditching chrome


would like ignore button for jesslem. sigs could be cool and retro.


Hating on jesslem is bait.


like u bae


Hashtags should embed a url like on facebook and twitter.


There should be an emoticon menu available while replying to threads on the mobile site.