Stuff That Should Be Improved


Sod it, make an app.


when you use the search function and click on show more, it looks wrong. is it just my browser?


Will there ever be an option to customize the background of the site?

I was reflecting on the move from old DSF to here; and I came to the conclusion that this place is much better.


Just put a colon

Press more



Feel like this place could benefit from measures taken by places like Grimeforum and RA, where there’s more than just a forum element, like a news/publications divisions. Get people to visit for other reasons and then stay for the bants. etc


a page with embedded iFrame to FGF and Return of Kings?


Good looking out.


i vote for a badge leaderboard so i can see who has the most!


Discogs collection iFrame on profile


ho - button ?


Hey, what is going on with the system clock here? A lot of posts are showing as being posted a minute ago even though they were posted hours or days ago.


Also, every first post shows that it has been edited even though it has not. My last post in this thread was made yesterday and it still shows that it was posted a minute ago. Weird ting a gwan here.


May have been fixed but it says a day for me. Is your computer’s clock working properly?


Also the forum isnt allowing me to upgrade to the newest version, so it could be linked to that.


All of the past dates from more than a month ago are on the 15th of any given month.

Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?


It means 2015.


OK, you are right. I was used to it showing the days and didn’t think about the new year flip.

But all of the new posts are showing as being posted a minute ago, even posts from a couple of days ago.


profile page has been looking like this for a while now.



sh(*'s fucked up yo


hmm one for @4ndY i think