Stuff That Should Be Improved


Fixed somehow (with a white background).


@4ndY swear there used to be a counter for each of those too?


i think it might just be an intentional update, but it is definitely very different from a month or so ago.


Yeah I recall seeing a tally of likes given and received.

Curious to know where everyone ranks in likes received.


I liked it on the old forum where that was public info. Obviously meaningless info, but interesting to follow the habits of fellow users without keeping a manual pocketbook.





uwot i got the most bigups this week +10 to truego

maybe im reading this wrong tho haha


The pinned topics in Grime is a bit OTT lol.


Also, I think Dubstep and Grime should be merged into a Bass section tbh. I get that the trendy thing these days is for ‘bass’ to be grimey, but that wasn’t always the case. It used to be dubstep, and since both fit into one, I feel like it wouldn’t be overly bad to merge, especially considering how the sounds are converging these days.


fixed that. Dubway went abit mental with pins


They (Discourse developers) moved stats to another profile’s subpage called “Summary”, i.e.


Edited by me for security reasons.


did you intend for someone to get the original message?


Yes, I PM’d 4ndY and Dubway.


can we make the max file size for pics something that can accomodate the pic size of a s4 or other phones from 2 generations ago? The pic size limit is not conducive to bafe sants what with the uploading to some other site to reDL and post up or having to appshop it and crop… like fuck i just wanna post hot bants guys.


Ability to block people so we can’t see their posts.

Also, can we do something about the border on the right hand side? A lot of it seems to be empty space, and it’s meaning that when certain photos are being posted, the auto sizing shrinks them down way too much in order to keep ratio.


we’d have to @4ndY for both of those, but i’m pretty sure he’s been asked about those a few times and said the complete blocking can’t be done, but maybe the reducing space and maybe the pic size.

note that part of the reason there’s a lot of empty white space is cause of the ‘reply as linked topic’ feature which we don’t seem to utilize too often. maybe eventually we will… but there’s still a good amount of empty space even past that so you do have a point.


Could be worth setting it up so that it reads each word of the phrase on a different line.
“Reply as
Or maybe an abbreviation “RaLT” that pops when you hover, though maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here.


@tabasco please, see the following discussion:

If you still want to block someone try this one:

About white-spaces etc. - sorry guys, but this would require intervention to the basic layout of Discourse which would lead to a breakage of the layout on different screen sizes and practically kill the ability to painlessly update the software. We already did some modifications of the skin and that created already a real mess (as you can see on some pages, like user’s profile) - any further changes will totally lock us out from updating the software which is no-go.