Stuff That Should Be Improved


I was thinking, it would be nice to be able to like something like a question and get a notification when it’s answered. Would it be possible to add this as well as the ability to opt out of the notification if you’re just liking for likes’ sake? Like a little check box next to the like button.

Maybe better to let people opt into the notification rather than out of it.



I’m not sure if that is possible, but you can always put “Tracking” to get notifications for the answers… Did I get you right?



Not quite, that’s more for whole threads isn’t it? I mean more on a post to post basis, because say it’s a thread about more than one thing with flowing conversations. Admittedly, I can’t think of any cases where I need it atm, but say the growl bass thread, someone posts asking about a specific thing you’re also interested in, you can just follow the post and the responses to it.



I must say it’s more of a conceptual problem: there shouldn’t be threads inside threads anyway, but if there is a new discussion/subject going on, one should open a new thread… in an ideal world :slight_smile:

In real world situation we always have sub-threads and side-discussions in a main thread… and it’s hard for human to recognize which post is part of which discussion/question (and sometimes in a single post there are references to multiple previous posts), so I cannot imagine that any software could do it better, because it should understand the context (which is impossible for the best AI out there). I know that you meant only on those posts which are direct reply to the post of your interest, but unfortunately people don’t use this feature consistently, so it not unusual thing to see general reply to the thread when someone refers only to a specific post.

Hence, to solve that problem, threads should be shorter, subject-specific, and not just piles of posts. There should be stricter moderation of off-topics and people should consistently use reply to posts… which is… at least hard to achieve :stuck_out_tongue:



why are you complaining about it then?



Dunno that it’s a complaint so much as an attempt to contribute, but I’ve wanted it a few times before, just can’t remember specific examples.



Sorry complaining is the wrong word. But honestly, why?

edit: nvm, Andy addressed it far better than i could ever have.



There’s 2 people that i tried the block feature assuming i wouldn’t see their posts like the old forum.
Guess i’ll just have to grit my teeth lol



I’m not sure I follow what you mean when you go into the difficulties of human and software topic recognition, but facebook has this feature;
Usually when you comment on or like a post you get notifications of replies, which you can choose not to receive. I guess my programming knowledge isn’t worth comparing to yours, but I figured it was essentially the same thing.



I am saying it is impossible to get notifications in a consistent manner just from specific sub-threads.

Imagine that someone started a new thread A (like this one “Stuff That Should Be Improved”), and later several sub-threads B, C (e.g. “Get Notifications from Sub-threads”), D developed from it:

You are interested in following only a sub-thread C and you want to get notifications from it, but not from A, and not from B and D. To do so, everybody who participate in the discussion C should use Reply button under first C post. People usually don’t do that on forums and mailing lists. They are replying to the end of everything (the main A thread), or they are replying to something in subject B and also referring to something in C… and so on. Hence, I don’t see algorithm which can recognize everything connected to C, but not to other sub-threads or the main thread and that’s why you cannot get notifications only for C. One way to solve this is to extract B, C and D to independent threads/subjects and to use Tracking option… then you could track only C if you want, but as long as everything is dumped in a single thread, I don’t see how to consistently follow only one sub-thread without imposing rigorous discipling by moderators who will fork/remove everything that is even slightly off-topic :slight_smile:



every time I try to watch an embedded video in big screen it pops out right away again (to small) and the site scrolls up to the “page” above (stuff that I’ve already seen) while the video is playing
shits annoying as fuck

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ignore function

drawing feature




Yes, same. I open any videos from here in YouTube straight away now



i just had a PM appear which was sent on march 12th?

i am thinking you are needing upgradings



yeah about the ignore function, can you guys fix it soon so we can actually ignore ppls posts? Would be lovely
bit stupid we can’t block some ppl or we can just to see their posts anyway

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glad to see you posting m8



Is it possible to include reactions other than liking?



i don’t understand why my display name is 111, my username is apparently __________ (10 _'s), but the actual username i have to log in with is _____ (5 _'s)? any way to change this?

also why do i get redirected to some “under construction” /portal page upon login? some half-baked tings agwan. no wonder there’s not many new posters here.



so schizo around here that we dont need alot of new you or mes



@moderators if i get anything wrong here please correct me.

okay, to the best of my knowledge - when you made your account here, you migrated from the old DSF, and that was your name on there (the 10 underscores). not sure why it would ever switched to 5 underscores - maybe you entered that as part of your login details somewhere along the way?

the reason your login info is different from your display name is probably because you changed your username on here, but you didn’t change your login info in the process. you have to be sure to log in using the new user name. you can still change it i believe - check out this page and make sure you do step 3 properly, it can be easy to misinterpret.

also - ignore the under construction page for now, and just bookmark “”. that way when you log in, you’ll automatically go to the forum instead of portal.