Stuff That Should Be Improved


will there be anything happening with the portal?



my old username was £10 bag but this forum wouldn’t let me choose that because…technology?
i’ll give that username change thread a go and see if it works, thanks



yeah but in summer 2014 there was a big username change, you changed it to __________

check your profile on the old forum.



you could turn the grey text bit into sigs



What are the max image size you can upload?
Having trouble with uploading pics off my iphone.
Nothing happens when i click upload, not even a failed loading animation.
I have no problem with uploading saved pictures off the net to my camera role though

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This is the error I get when I try and upload an image that’s too big:

Either resize the image, or host the image somewhere else like your dropbox account, etc



Mods, can we have genre-specific threads in SNH?

Always felt like the SNH house, techno threads etc get people going better than individual threads in the genre subforums

I wanna make a trap heads thread in SNH FYI

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I dont mind myself but its to stop splitting the forum so much.



we have to make a are you tired of non 808 music yet thread imo

tch tch tch tch tch brrrrrrrr

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Already got one;


can we please get the old DSF emoticons back?

can’t be that hard adding them. right?



after a year of considering, I just don’t like the front page being a feed from all subforums

When you go to, the first shit you see should not be people peddling their dubs with tags like (DEEP/FUTURE GARAGE/FUTURE BASS).

DSF is sick when its a bunch of ■■■■■ who are enthusiastic about shit and have respect for each others time, dub self pimping is the WORST part of this site but is presented to you upfront when you go on here.

IMO the front page should be stickied music-related threads where people are actively sharing sick music in good faith. Hip Hop thread, ninja mixes etc



you could make this your bookmark, so whenever you type in dsf… it’ll just go straight to there, closer to the old appearance.



Oh I know how to find shit I like on here, to me it’s just a minor annoyance.

It’s more with regards to how the site appears to new visitors. Despite it all the place does have some history and stuff, and a lot of people who know their shit, so maybe shitty dub peddling shouldn’t be the first thing you see on here



I actually agree with this tbh. Im just testing out “suppressing” the dubs forum from the main page feed. Curious to see what a day with it soft hidden looks like.

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If you don’t like the Dubs board, turn it off in your individual settings. No need to wipe it completely from general view, it’ll just mean people post their tunes in other boards that are visible.

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Yeah, I really like this so far. So much more inviting. Fuck it, maybe make dubs visible for signed in users by default, but most stuff in the dubs forum isn’t a great first impression of the site, doesn’t highlight what’s cool and unique here etc



Right, this is bolloxed. I’ve got Dubs set to ‘Watching’ and it’s still not showing anything in my feed. I have to go into the Dubs board itself to see anything.



If I go to “new” all i see right now is dubs posts?



In New, yes. In Latest, nothing.