Stuff That Should Be Improved


Cheers @4ndY


you’re a wizard


Ignore function

Spoiler function



There’s spoiler function

[spoiler]im getting drunk as fuck today[/spoiler]

There’s some kind of ignore function called “mute” in your preferences too but I think it only hides updates from that person, not whole posts. A proper one could be handy.


but i have to copy that whole thing right?

it should be a quick icon or whatever

Ignore is absolutely necessary imo


Nah if you open your post reply window, there’s a gear icon on the far right next to the emoticon face ting.
It’s got spoiler, and a couple other functions in there. You can just highlight your text and then click that.



gonna use this in every post now


LoL probably not that one

I’m slow






Is there a way to add support for the .gifv format? Much smaller filesizes than regular gifs, would help a lot in the huge gif thread for example


For the gifv format, we are waiting the support for it in the upstream project - when they will provide this feature we would also follow.

About “ignore” or “mute” other users - it is not possible, but there is a workaround. See the following post in this thread:



but i should just not be a baby tbh - it is a forum afterall


+1 for stylish, also good for people who don’t like the current background/other things in the layout.

Not sure if it’s just me but when i try to go full screen on an embedded youtube video it refreshes the page, i am using chrome if that is of any interest.

Also, something i doubt you guys have control of but would it be possible for updated threads to automatically appear AJAX style? Like how a banner appears saying how many updated threads there are could the thread list update in the same way?


never had this happen though i usually use firefox or safari

i’m not really even sure what you mean here. are you saying the threads should just appear at the top when there’s new posts instead of that green (i think it’s green) banner that says “2 threads have been updated since your last visit” or whatever?


Yeah exactly


Having the weirdest issue with login page load the last couple days in Safari - entry fields are missing and I have to exit/enter before they reappear.

Looks like this fwiw


same in other browser? if not then prob cache needs cleaning


We could do with a ‘Go to first unread button’, while navigating to the thread opens it at first unread, the search does not.


Nah, still happening. Top/bottom thread post jump buttons are gone as well, only the thread slider selector is left and takes up whole screen & aligned left.